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Went to Costco this afternoon & it was a madhouse. Anyways, if any of you have them, they have those 7 foot cat trees that look like trees (not the real tree limbs ones) but they look like a tree..... They have them for $124.99! One of the major cat tree sites sells them for $600+. Here's the site I was referring to, that charges a lot: http://www.7thheavencatfurniture.com...=17&product=89 That's the tree, though.
*If only I had a truck, I'd go buy one*
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Wow!~ Great bargain!
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I can't see the link, but that sounds like an awesome deal!
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I live in a mobile home would't have room for one! Sounds neat though!
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Wow, that's a terrific price, and there's a costco not all that far away...

Hmm, wondering how the heck to get one back here in a Ford TBird...
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wow that is a great price...you would be shocked what my hubby has fit in the back of his mustang....he brought a riding mower home it in once
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to make our own. We are planning to get the plans from the guy online. The tree is one of the cat trees available. I want them different sizes so they have a little forest to play in!!!
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Good Deal
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Yes, i have seen the trees at Costco.. very reasonable indeed!

Trees are so expensive.. i guess it is a big big big present for our furbabies...

i had to pay $20 delivery charge for mine, as i do not have a truck.

One fine day, i would love to buy one that resembles a PALM TREE... .. i have seen it, and love it so much!! (sometimes i wonder if i want to get it for myself??? (Just kidding!)

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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