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Cagneys Home! (laugh, dance, sing!!!)

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CAGNEYS HOME!!!!!! Wooohoooo!

I'm so happy, I can't even type...well, she's half on my wrists also, so that isn't helping either!
I came home from the beach last night about 10:00, and thought I saw something shining under the building, I walked over to get a closer look, and it was my girls bright yellow eyes! She was hesitant to come out, but I gently called her name several times, and within a few moments she was in my arms!

She has been missing a week, and since there are 390 apt's in our complex, and I live on the third (top) floor, I was frantic!
She's dirty, her little white paws are now dark grey, her coat is dusty and dull,she's looking kinda skinny, and she stinks like motor oil...but she's never been more b e a u t i f u l to me!

Gotta go now, I'm going to the store to buy Treats, Toys, and Beer....the beers for me...it's Party Time!

P.S. You're all invited to join us!:laughing:

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The lost has returned!!!!

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Back from the store I was a good girl too only bought 1 new toy, Wacky Wobbler balls...there are 2 so there should be no fighting!
Actually, Cagney and Lily are playing together...sort of? Everything is fine as long as Lily doesn't get closer than 2 feet!:laughing2

It is so good having her home again, she is more affectionate than ever too...if thats possible!

Thanks everyone for sharing in my joy!

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It is soooo good to hear your that your Cagney is back HOME!!!!
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congratulations!!!!! I myself have lost three cats in my life, and none have returned. knowing that yours has gives me hope that someday my babies may return to me. thank you so much for sharing, I'm very happy for you!
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:icecream: :icecream:

I'm so happy for you! Good to hear a happy ending!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you! Everyone's getting catnip tonight in honor of Cagney's return.:flash:
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