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Free Cats - Adoption Fees Waived ASPCA @ NYC

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Free Cats! For a limited time only, we’re making an offer you can’t refuse. From September 20 to 28, the ASPCA is hosting “Free Over Three,†and adopting all adult cats—ages three and older—for FREE! The regular adoption process still applies and you can only take home two cats, but we’re waiving all fees. You’ll also receive a pet carrier and a 14-day voucher for a free exam at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. All of our cats are up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered and microchipped. So come on down to 424 East 92nd Street in New York City, and meet the feline of your dreams!

Hope that some of those lovely cats will find a forever home. If you have always wanted to bring another kitty into your home and you live in NYC or you are able to travel to NYC, be sure to come in for this special adoption program.
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Now, there's one offer I CAN refuse...with 6 cats I think my husband would kill me if I brought home another. But, what a great idea to waive all fee's for adult cats! I hope they all find good, forever homes.
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I looked through the cats available, and there are some lovely cats there.
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I hope they are going to thoroughly screen potential adopters.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
I hope they are going to thoroughly screen potential adopters.
Yes, they surely will. The screening process remains the same though. It's a good thing that it's not really a free for all. Prospective pet parents will still need to apply and go through a thorough background check before approval.
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Unfortunately people know how to answer questions to most shelters and it only seems to get worse when the cats are free, even from shelters. A shelter fairly local to me gives cats away for free and the number of them we get calls about is rediculous.
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Well, I have to confess to being a liar when I adopted Thai!

I rent from my best friend and her mother. They have no problem what-so-ever about the # of animals we ahve here. But we have a limit of two inside cats....a self-imposed limit. When I saw Thai on the Humane Society website, I told C that I was going to go and get him. When we got there and started filling out the paperwork, we had to have written permission fron the landlord to adopt. So I lied and said we owned our home. Well, lo and behold they had access to county records and E's and C's name came up as owners. I said we were buying it from them and gave them C's phone number so they could verify, but C was at work and they couldn't get ahold of her. Luckily, they let us adopt anyway. I sure didn't get Thai for free and would have spent many times the adoption fee to give him the loving home that I have. My landladies are thrilled that I gave a kitty a loving home. But I can understand the HS stand. Sometimes people will adopt animals even if the Landlord says no pets and then have to return them. They want pets to have forever loving homes.
So I lied....but I'm not sorry.
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Oh I want Ty and Loo Loo, what adorable little things. I wish I lived closer to NYC!
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Oooh! I want Avril, and Joanna, and Claire, and . . . Oh wait. It's a good thing I live all the way across the country. Besides, I already have three babies and a mama for whom I need to find good homes.

I did notice that some of the cats are less than 3 years old. Are these all the adoptable cats, not just the "free" ones?
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Those cats ALL look really good. I hope they will be as well taken care of in their new homes. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable that they would be free. I just hope they will be as appreciated, and well supported financially. What are the background checks like? When I adopted Bootsie and Monty from the HS they only called my landlord and asked if the cats were allowed. There were no checks of anything else I had put down on the forms.
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