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HELP from UK members :)

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If you would list where you are from and what is available to you food wise .... Please include comments on grocery and pet store foods

websites are even better
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These are the foods i'm using at the moment from Hi-Life, and can be bought from most major supermarkets


HiLife Petit Pâté Canned Catfood

HiLife Perfection Canned Catfood

Their kibbles i get are Royal Canin Intensive furball, and i purchase them online from Zooplus as their much cheaper. Really i shgould get their hi-life from there as well when i think about it?.

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I get Royal Canin - pouches and biscuits from my vets - millennium practice in braintree, essex.
There is a pets at home nearby and they do most brands - whiskas etc.
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I mostly use Pets at home for Hills science dry food or James wellbeloved, and applaws wet food. I can get most brands of stuff there.
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I'm from Manchester in the UK and I feed the following

Natures Menu - Pets at Home, Jollyes.
Hi Life Essentials - Asda, PAH (I think).
Hi Life Pouches - most supermarkets
Bozita - Zooplus
Animonda - Zooplus
Tesco Finest - Tesco
Tesco Luxury - Tesco
Applaws - PAH, local pet shop, zooplus
Almo Nature - local pet shop, zooplus
Nature's Harvest - PAH
Schmusy - Zooplus
Eagle Pack - Zooplus
Cosma - Zooplus
Porta 21 - Zooplus
Miamor - Zooplus
Encore - Sainsburys (new food identical to Applaws/Almo Nature - I have only seen it in Sainsburys so far)
Felix Senior - any supermarket

Supermarkets over here sell mostly whiskas type stuff - low meat content and not great quality

The small amount of dry food I feed is usually Orijen from Zooplus, but if I can't get that it's Hi Life dry (Waitrose, Wilkinsons) or James Wellbeloved (PAH).

As you can see, I get a lot of stuff from Zooplus





ETA - I feed what I feed because they all have a fairly high meat content, few grains and no artifiial colours etc. Some do contain by products but I'm ok with feeding those in some foods, esp as europe has tougher guidelines for what goes into pet food than the US. Supermarkets over here generally sell stuff like Whiskas, Go Cat etc which has a very low meat content. Many are bringing out premium ranges now though.
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I always feed wet, either Hi-Life pouches, Natures Menu pouches or tesco's luxury. High percentage of meat, no rubbish. I get these from the supermarket or pets at home. I live in Retford which is near Doncaster in the North. My kitty is quite fussy, he doesn't like fish and he is not keen on liver or beef, it is kind of chicken all the way for him. He will eat the liver and chicken though bless him. I wouldn't use whiskas or the cheaper ones like whiskas and kittikat as to me its a bit like feeding him mcdonalds everyday, personal opinion though.
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We get our dry food from zooplus.co.uk. It used to be Nutro, but we have now switched over to Orijen.

We get our wet from Tescos - Tescos Finest, and Hi-Life pate canned
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