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First timers...

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My brother found a cat as a stray, brought her home about 6 weeks ago, and yesterday she gave birth to 4 of the cutest kittens I have ever seen. Then it hit me: No one in this house has ANY idea how to take care of a kitten. We also have a large dog and another cat with brain damage (she doesn't seem to understand that she's been kicked out of the nest room, just wonders why she keeps being scratched). What do we need to do to take care of the kittens? How can we discourage the second cat from entering the nest area?
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Where are the kittens at now?
Do not let the dog near the kittens.
We had a German Shorthair Pointer when Coco had kittens 6 years ago and she got a warning from Coco not to get any closer.
She didnt listen and Coco attacked her.
I do not want your cat to attack the other cat or dog.
Make sure they are nursing and are warm.
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The kittens should be kept warm and away from the other cat and dog! The brain damaged cat should just be kept in a completely separate room from the mom and babies. If it's easier to kep the mom cat in a side room - bathroom, bedroom, etc. so the other cat and dog can roam about more freely like they were used to, you might try that. Also, if you can, weigh them each day to make sure they're gaining weight steadily! If one seems like it's growing more, you may have to supplement it with a special milk for kittens to make sure it keep growing at the pace it should be.

If you're not planning on keeping the kittens, don't give them away any earlier than when they're 12-14 weeks. This will make sure that they have the proper socialization and behaviors to finish growing up away from mom. If you haven't planned on it already, make sure to spay the mom when the kittens are around eight weeks old so she doesn't get pregnant again.

Congratulations on your new arrivals, though! Aren't they just the sweetest things!?
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The kittens are under my brother's bed. The momma is always there with them, and she has food, water, and litter box a few steps away. We have a gate at the door, but I don't think that will stop the second cat (she can jump over it), or the dog, should her 80 pound wonderfulness decide she really wants to be in there. We've tried to close the door, but then the momma scratches at it, and we don't want a destroyed door. The kittens are nursing constantly, the room is warm and momma is always nuzzling them and pulling them close.
We are not planning to keep the kittens, and are already trying to find loving homes for them. We will definitely spay the momma, but for now, she is no longer an outside cat. We are very careful around the doors to make sure no animals get outside, and neither of our cats are allowed to roam outside.
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