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Since it is Easter tomorrow, are all the malls, stores & restaurants closed??
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Hope so!
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Usually some nicer restaurants are open. I have had dinner out on Easter.
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Most stores have limited hours.
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I know that a lot of the places by me are closing early, but as far as I know, most places will be open at least some of the day. Not sure about the malls, since I try to avoid those at all costs anyway...
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Happy Easter Friends !!!!!!!
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I had to work all day for Easter.
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I think your avitar is really cute! and thanks for the pity at my having to work all day yesterday! it's ok though, I had all day off today
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Awww Thanks I hope your having a good day today
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Why thank you I am! and I hope you are as well!
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Umm apart from chicken pox and a bad cold, Im Ok Thanks for asking
Love Sam
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