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Help! We have fleas!

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Hi, I'm new here :-)

We recently moved in my cat Graycie who had been living with my mother for the past year (Since I got married). We have another cat, Hemi. Well, turns out Graycie came with fleas, my mothers house is INFESTED with fleas and now Hemi has fleas as well. There's a 3rd cat at my moms house who is bitten up big time with fleas and will be going to the vet this week to test for tape worm. Graycie also has tapeworms which she's under treatment for.

Now, we have fleas here. Both Hemi and Graycie (at my house) have had treatments of Premarus or however you spell it. Still yesterday I found a flea on me, and today I saw one on Hemi and both cats are scratching.

Can someone tell me what to do??? I want these things out of my house!

So far I know to vacuum every day and chop up a flea collar and put it in the vacuum. We bought a fogger as well.... we have to treat 2 houses.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Do you have a flea comb?
Kitty has fleas right now even though he`s been treated with Frontline So until I can treat again ( in a few days ) I`m sitting here with a bowl full of hot water with a few blobs of washing up liquid in ( it stops the fleas jumping out apparently )

You just take the comb through once then check it for fleas and take them out of the comb and put them under the water and let go, that way they drown and don`t jump back out. I do that until I don`t get anymore in the comb and he is a lot more comfortable.

Did you treat the cats and your home all at the same time? Fleas are a nightmare
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This is what I did. I would always check with my vet before using anything. I vaccumed every day using flea collar in the vac bag or just throw the bag away in a sealed plastic bag pronto. Vaccum the floor and around the edge of the walls. Vaccum arround and under furniture as much as possible. I used this product by Adams that claims safe for animals (puppies and kittens) and sprayed their bedding and the furniture. Not on my cat, just didn't want lots of products on my cat.


Wash their bedding daily.

Use a flea comb on them daily and dunk the comb in water or water with a tiny bit of Dawn dish soap. I have heard of putting pertoleum jelly on flea comb to help trap the flea.

I put "food grade" Diamateous Earth on the carpet and around the walls of the rooms, also under their beds.

Not sure what you used for flea treatment on the pet. It does help and I don't use them every month. Revolution, Advantage, Frontline. I am not familiar with all of these.

Keep it up for the life cycle of the flea and you will beat them.
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My now 30 y/o son was alergic to fleas as a little fellow. Every flea season I used to bomb the house to get rid of them. It was a nightmare every year for about 9 mths until a specialist diagnosed flea bites. Never had a problem after the bombs. Have to remove everyone, pets & cover food & leave the house for how ever long it says. Blossom my cat has never had fleas & I use Revolution on her. When I got my 8 m/o pup last April she came with fleas & it took a couple of months using Advantage to get rid of them. They only seemed to be on her & not the other dog or Blossom.
Many years ago, before spot-ons I had a persian cat that would get fleas. I used to have to bath him regularly. The only treatment then was flea powder which was a nightmare to use & not terribly useful.
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