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Insurance Claim Question

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I am helping my brother price out the grocery items that had to be thrown away as a result of the fire in his home last June.

The people who were doing the cleaning up and categorizing actually measured / weighed the opened grocery items.

IE: 1 ounce of chutney, 60 grams of something that comes in 375 gram packages, etc.

My brother was left with the impression that he was only entitled to compensation for whatever was remaining in the container.

I told him that you can't go and buy 1/4 of a roll of paper towels, or 60 grams from a bag of rice. You have to buy the whole package, so the insurance company has to pay the price it would cost to replace that item... IE: price for the 500 gram package of rice, the full tin of coffee, the full jar of chutney or mustard etc.

Does anyone have experience with this situation and know if the replacement is only for the actual measurement they lost, or the full jar/package of that item? He does have replacement coverage.
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We lost alot of food in some of our storms and they didnt measure anything. They estimated the price of the food and sent us a check for everything together. They also paid for the storm damage.
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When my parent's went through this after they had a basement fire, the insurence company only wants to know the replacement cost. They didn't care how much was actually thrown out. So, if he had to throw out 1/2 bag of flour, I would include cost for a full bag.
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