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Semi Feral Stray

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Is there a sure way to find out if a cat my BF has been taking care of at work belongs to someone or if he is a stray? This cat has been coming to my BF for years and always for food. My BF feeds him three times a day. This cat we named him Sweet-T is very suspicious of humans and we only manage a few pet every now and then. Most of the time, he will hiss and swipe his paw at us. The thing is he looks really well kept and healthy, so it's hard to believe that he is a stray cat. He comes almost everyday meowing for my BF to feed him.

I was just wondering the possibility that he belongs to someone and is an outside cat. But he doesn't have a collar and it's hard to trap him so we can get him to the vet.

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oh, he's a cutie!!!
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What a beauty! You're very fortunate to be able to pet him, I have been caring for a cat for about a year at my husband's office and I have yet to touch him. I think he wants to trust us, just not yet. I am always worrying about him, and have tried to trap him several times. Do you have a shelter for him to stay in? Perhaps if he got used to a shelter, you could one day just put him into a carrier and then take him to the vet. Please keep me posted on your progress with him.
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If you think someone may own him, write him up at the messageboards in the neighboorhood.

a very effective way is also to set on him a collar, and a message on the collar: Please do contact us. If nobody contact you during a couple of days - you know he is homeless.
(the collar must be such it goes off if it fastens somewhere).

But successfull semiferals / ferals do often look healthy and quite "thick". This is why they are successfull: they ARE healthy.
And him getting food reguraly helps of course to be successfull and healthy.

Thrice hurray for your husband!

That said,
a) write him up at the messageboards.
b) work on adopting him...

Is he whole or neutered? If whole, the fostering will go faster when he is neutered.
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