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Vibes for Kizzy please

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She is being spayed on Tues, I have never been nervous about a cat being spayed before, but then I have never had to have a 10yo spayed. She also has a suspicious looking nose which is going to be looked at while under, and she is a very mixed up girl who likes using teeth and claws, so I am hoping she will calm down after being neutered or I dont know what we will do with her - she was left in a house with no tray and only being fed once a day for the back end of her pregnancy and for the first two weeks of the kittens lives, and did lose two kittens. she is happier here than her first foster home, but still turns for no reason at all - she apparently wasn't nasty before, but i think she will be here for months gaining her trust.
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Bless her heart, sendind lots of vibes your way. I hope all is well and time is a great healer for kitties, she will soon learn that you are someone to trust that is taking care of her x
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thanks - I hope she does learn soon, i have loads of scratches and bites from her - never had cat scratches that bruised before!!
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Poor baby! Hope the spaying helps calm her down. Wonder if she's so nasty because of raging hormones? Also wonder if stress brings that out.
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My brothers cat was 9 when she was fixed and there were some problems.
My Coco that could not be fixed acts the same as the cats that were fixed.
She is not hyper or anythinjg like that.
Fixing will change some cats but not all of them
Stripe didnt change and was hyper still.
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i am hoping it calms her down - apparently she wasn't aggressive before being left in a house by herself though. She has got better in some respects, she doesnt' follow me as much, which is good, and she is content to just sleep somewhere, she only gets into a fight when one of them comes into the front room.
MEws - your very lucky she hasn't had pyo yet, but do keep an eye on her for mammary cancer. How come she can't be fixed, they arent under for that long?
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It would have killed her.
I do watch her all the time.
She is 16.5 now.
She can not even have her teeth cleaned.
I did take her for a 2nd opinion at the time but all vets said it wasnt safe to fix her.
I can not even believe she is 16.5 with all her problems.
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Lots of good vibes and good thoughts for you!
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Lots of headed her way!
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i am surprised with how safe anaesthetics are these days that they couldnt do her, it is impressive that she has got to that age without pyo or mammary cancer though, both normally affect them younger than that.

Thanks for all the vibes - I also have a 6mo being spayed today, and Molly was upset by one of the fosters last night and it seems to have aggravated her arthritic shoulder, so I am going to see if the vet can see her today too - what a wonderful way to spend your day off!!
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I am getting a kitten soon and she will be fixed before I get her.
I lready asked it could be done first.
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Molly has to go to the other branch tomorrow for x-rays, both her front legs seem really crackly, we are hoping it is just a touch of arthritis, she has had a painkiller and can have some Metacam later if she seems in pain again - she is currently hiding from me, bless her. She hadn't used the tray overnight, so decided the carrier was the best place to wee and poo!! Still waiting to hear about the girls, but there was an RTA brought in while I was waiting wiht Molly, which was the end of consults, they had had to squeeze me in, so the spays had been delayed anyway.
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Well, I can pick the girls up in 15 mins, then just got to go through something similar tomorrow for Molly's x-rays!! Fingers crossed the vet could do the glue/dissolvables, and that her nose wasn't too concerning
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Have you tried Cosequin for her crackly legs and arthritis? We've been giving that to my older cat and it's like night & day. She jumps and runs around like a toddler kitty!
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Girls had glue, so no stitches to worry about fortunately. It is amazing the difference in them, Misty has been a nightmare to keep quiet and still, Kiz was a bit wobbly, not interested in food straight away, and very quiet - she didn't even go for Charlie, she just spat and took a step back.

Molly is still in hiding, so if she doesn't come out and stay out, she wont be going tomorrow. I have tried SEraquin for her arthritis, she wont accept it though (she hates meds), so Cosequin is the next bet I think.
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