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We finally found my friend.

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Well, I was walking home from work Friday, and guess who calls me? Kelly! (That's my best friend's name.) She's had quite a week. It's a really long story, but basically something happened on her way to school Monday, and she realized she had forgotten something, so her ex-boyfriend took her to go do that. Anyway, I guess they stopped by his house, too, on the way, and he got in a fight with his mom. He got really upset and threw a fit, and broke a bunch of stuff in the house and drove his car around the front yard to make marks in the grass. (Very mature, huh?)

Well, his mom said she was going to call the police on him, so he took my friend and left. Kelly told him to take her home or to school, but he refused, and took her way over to a different town with him. So, she got really scared about her parents being mad that she hadn't been in school, so she didn't go home that night. And she was scared about not going to school Monday, so she didn't go Tuesday, and things just spiralled down from there. She's been staying at a girlfriend's house, so she wouldn't be with her ex-bf, since he's nuts.

All in all, just disappearing to avoid confrontation was an awful choice on her part. I think it was made worse by the fact that she has medicine that she takes that she didn't have with her all week. She gets really depressed and panicky if she doesn't take it, so she wasn't thinking straight. She stayed with me last night, since her parents are out of town. (They all work for Delta.) She did call their cell phones, last night, to let them know she's OK. Her dad got back today, though, and she's home, now, working things out with him. I spent a long time talking to her last night and telling her how scared everyone was and how she just made things worse by not calling anyone, no matter how panicky she was.

On the upside, I really think she knows she messed up, and wants to fix it. She felt really bad for worrying everyone. I am going to try to get together with her tonight, too, for a little while, to talk to her some more. I think she really needs someone right now, and I don't think any of her other friends can/would be there for her. So, she apologized, and I forgave her. She's got enough people mad at her right now. I could stay mad, but I'd rather let it go and try to have a positive influence.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and ((HUGS)). They meant a lot to me.
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I am glad she is home. It is really scary when someone goes missing, with all the crazy people out there. I think it is very nice of you, and mature, to go beyond being angry and just be there for her. That is not always easy. Hopefully, you will be a positive influence.
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I agree, it's really mature of you to take that attitude. Forgiveness is a virtue, and you really showed yourself to be a good friend. I'm glad that you can be there for her, since it sounds like she is a troubled person. Glad to hear things are OK!
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I am glad she is home and safe!
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me too, what a relief! Very mature of you to be supportive and not mad. That job is for her parents. Hopefully they're not too hard on her!
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I'm glad she's home and safe - but that is scary! You are being a true friend, Viva. It sounds like a bad situation for your friend - made worse by lack of medication. I'm glad you're being there for her. Hopefully she'll never see that nut again, she'll always carry her medication with her - and if anything ever happens again, hopefully she'll USE that cellphone!


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It's so great that she is finally home!
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I'm Glad she is home and safe {{Hugs}} Sam
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Thank you all for your support, it is so nice to have y'all to talk to.
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We :Heart2: you lots Viva
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LOL I meant , LOL.. Sam
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I'm so glad that she is alright!!!!
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I am very glad that you friend is safe!
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