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bizarre sucking behaviour

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I know. It's crazy. And, it's a little disgusting.

My kitten, aged three months, lost her mother at six weeks. She came home with me shortly after.

My cat, aged five years, has adapted tremendously well to having a kitten in the house! She is very tolerant of the kitten attacking her tail, sharing her food (remember that issue? kitten now will eat her own food, but still likes to share.), etc.

She stops the kitten from nursing but will let her SUCK ON HER TOE! (You know--that extra one?)

Okay. Ewww. I don't like listening to this. Whenever I'm home and it starts, I remove the kitten, and put her with her food bowl. She generally eats and is happy.

HOW do I get this behaviour to STOP?!??

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I would just let the kitty suck on her toe (what a bizzare sentence to say to someone. lol) As long as she in not hurting the other cat, and all is well with both, well, just put on headphones or something and pretend that no toe sucking is happening! Oh, and of course I demand pictures of this!
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Oh poor thing! We had a kitten that did that sucking thing too. Holly has just about grown out of it now thank god. It drove me crazy.
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Bijou insisted on suckling one spot on my neck for about a year whenever he was getting ready to go to sleep. It was like a comfort thing for him. Some folks might find it gross but I have to say I enjoyed having him find comfort from me, his meowmy.
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Poor thing wasn't weened from mommy correctly.
Be glad she isn't sucking on your ear
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