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Val, that's a good sign. Not to mention that since neither of them has ever been an "only" cat, they're used to having to share food, water, space, etc. I will keep my fingers crossed!
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Moe and Neo love each other very much but they do like to fight alot too!
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the only thing i'm worried about is having enough hands to pet everyone right now, it's kinda like moemoe is rich's cat, and Neo is my cat. If there were two more that wouldn't be to bad because stormy would be rich's and nimbus would be mine. I'm worried that blizard is going to get less attention Maybe it will work okay, because moe and neo take turns being in a cuddly mood
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Do they fight, or just wrestle? Jules and Blondie do that all the time. Grooming turns into biting and wrestling, then grooming some more, then they fall asleep...
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Just post them! we all can see then
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Of all the cats, Max is my special little girl and Blondie is definitely my BF's little boy. But everybody gets lap and petting time and kisses from both of us.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Do they fight, or just wrestle? Jules and Blondie do that all the time. Grooming turns into biting and wrestling, then grooming some more, then they fall asleep...
Well they clean each other, and then one of them gets mad and they start smacking and they they start chasing and next thing ya know they are hissing and fur is flying and they they start snuggling again....
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If you are worried that they wont get enough attention...They are getting enough attention!
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
Just post them! we all can see then
that's a good idea!! you can post them on her sue and everyone can see them and i can save them off here
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Ok, will do!!
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Binky and hoots does the same thing to each other all the time. They are like oh ilove you i love you then the hissing starts. I hate you get away from me!
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well me and my brothers are like that. We will play nice and then get all mad at each other for no reason
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Thats funny Val, Just like people do!
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5 more posts val!
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I'm gonna take a break. The pancake house is open 24 hrs on the weekend and we're both hungry
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I'm getting there! i can hardly hold my eyes open
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2 more post val!
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
i guess, if you keep coming back again and again. I have heard you can see it in peoples eyes. I'm a fairly new soul...or so I have been told
If this is true I must be ancient! lol First person born on earth maybe.
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Ha ha ha....

I keep reminding myself, if I don't want to do this (whatever horrible lesson life is trying to teach me at the moment) all over again in the next life, I had better quit whining and just get on with it.

But sometimes, you need to whine.
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nothing wrong with whining, just get some crackers and cheese to help it go down..

I was raised in a household of wiccan/pagan. So I am open to everything. However, nothing makes me more angry than seeing kids these days with 'the jewerly' and dressed in black, thinking they are 'cool' because they think they are 'witches'.

I've explored many different religions throughout my years, my father thought it should be done, for me to know as much as possible about many forms of worship before I should decide 'what to do/belive'.

I think u can NEVER stop learning, for once u get to the point where u feel u know it all, then u go back to step one(maybe below) for ignorance can get rampant.

My mother is a high priestess, not only by her own practiceing, but she also went to a school in NH to give a piece of paper to prove it, now she can teach others and guide them through any difficult endeavores. AND my point is that she after all that won't admitt to knowing it all, and she is very carefull to listen to everyones thoughts and respond with general answers, afterall any religion is different to each whom practice it. So to say 'oh no thats wrong, u have to do it this way' is something more learned from monoteeism(sp?)

I think this thread was a nice idea, a place for us to share, and in some cases teach, but some of the posts I have read are little prejudice-like the casting spells and stuff. That is the percise reason I don't open up and let many people know my beliefs, the uneducated think thats what wiccan/paganism is about, they couldn't be more wrong. I think someone already said the #1 rule is 'harm none'

and so if u made it through my novel Blessed Be
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I'm Not

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I'm late joining in, as usual

Another Pagan here, as some of you know. I don't really like to label myself as Wiccan, because there are some aspects of Wicca I agree with and some I don't. I'm not extremely ritualistic or disciplined in my beliefs, I just tend to 'go with it'.

People always ask me, and I'm sure some of you have experienced this too, how you know that what you believe is 'right'. Well, growing up in a 'churchy' family (except for my dad) made it very hard for me to let go of all the guilt and fear of going to hell. But once I did, the feeling of freedom was unbelievable. And IMO, THATS how you know. It just feels right, like you finally got it and everything makes sense.

I find that when I'm out in nature, be it by the ocean or in the middle of the woods I feel I'm where I ought to be. The serenity and sense of well-being is incredible.

The only thing I find difficult is that people just don't understand where I'm coming from. They laugh my beliefs off, and consider them hokey. Its either that or they feel the need to warn me of my impending eternal damnation if I 'continue on this way'. I never force my beliefs on anyone, but will explain it to them if they ask. I never condemn what anyone believes, but they can't wait to condemn me

For the most part I'm happy being solitary, but part of me really wishes I had a coven to share things with. Thats non-existant in this tiny bible-belt town
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My son is a "pagan" and has also studied Wiccan and asked me to clear up a few things.

1st:Black is not neccisarily evil for many wiccans it is a sign of ultimate power or the cosmos.

2nd: Wiccans study/worship all forms of everything not only is there mother earth but there is father time and he represents time cosmos harvest and brute force.

Angelz00: My son loves the fact that you don't understand the concept of a christian god, as if a man could do all of that in 7 days.

y son wrote this while I was out of the room! I will have to set him up with his own screen name...
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Dragonlady: And it's not even so much that I'm ignorant on the forms of "god" in the one god religions, it's just more so that the more I read on this "god", I just say "well that's crazy, lol"
My fiance and I think the bible is a good STORY.

As a type of christian I constantly found myself asking the same questions over and over and always doubting what are suppose to be blind beliefs and faith. It's just not for me.
But when it comes to something like Wicca, it's just all very logical, to me, it makes perfect sense. And because of that, it makes me feel that out of any religions I have come across, that perhaps this is or eventually will be the one for me.
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I can't label my beliefs. I have my own. I'm not Pagan or Wiccan or Catholic. I guess in each religion I have questions and doubts about it all, and so there are some things from different kinds of religions that I do believe.

Religion is such a difficult and touchy subject for most, and I rarely discuss it.. mainly because people are so quick to get offended or stand so strong in their beliefs that a conflict gets started and feelings get hurt or someone ends up getting mad.

I will say that I do not at all discriminate against any religion. I think the important thing is that each person is at peace with their own religion and beliefs and that it helps them lead the healthy and happy life they want.

I know very little about the Pagan or Wiccan beliefs, but it is definitely something I'd like to learn about. I find myself greatly interested in learning about many religions. I think next time I go to Borders I will see what books I can find to learn more about the Wiccan and Pagan beliefs.

I have my own beliefs that I stand firmly by and strongly believe in, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to hearing what others believe in and learning about other cultures and beliefs. I find it fascinating.

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What I dislike about christianity is that there is this big god up there who decides and does everything for me wheither i like it or not and i have to have fatih that he/she is doing the right thing. I just dont want to trust my soul to a religion based on the teachings of one person. I dont want any one to get mad at me, This is my opinion not the truth. There are a lot of soul searchers out there!
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I am not, but always am interested in WICCAN. I never have met anyone whos Wiccan.

Hey, VAL i love that sculpture!! I want to buy that one for my new house!!! it fits with my new house!..

BUT i am not familiar with Wiccan though.. I always want to know what is that..
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr
I can't label my beliefs. I have my own. I'm not Pagan or Wiccan or Catholic. I guess in each religion I have questions and doubts about it all, and so there are some things from different kinds of religions that I do believe.
I'm Wiccan, and Catholic -- which causes a lot of problem if I open my mouth in front of the priest. It's hard to explain, except the number one concept in my mind is that God is a woman --mother, nurturer. I don't actually go to church, but a lot of my beleifs come from my catholic upbringing. I have a lawn statue that I inhereted from my mother years ago that is supposed to be the Virgin Mary, but I call it the goddess statue.

I know I don't always make a lot of scence, but I did want to post. I'm glad there are so many open minded people around for me to talk to, because people don't always want to understand that religeon is personal, not something where you have to be part of the in crowd.

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