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Question of the day Sept 21st.

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Do you have a favorite Autumn activity?

For me it has always been collecting leaves to make a fall bouquet into which I add a few artificial flowers, usually sunflowers, and red and orange Shasta daisies. It's great because the leaves generally last until the beginning of December and bring some color into the house until the Christmas decorations can go up..
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I have an every season activity, but especially autumn..


Surprise, surprise!
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Lots of motorcycle rides. In Summer it is too hot to ride comfortably even at night. I have to go at night because I have developed extreme sensitivity to sunlight.
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Oh, do I! I ADORE Fall. I love the crisp air, the colors, pumpkins, Halloween, the food, having a fire in the fireplace, etc. My hair even matches! (I;m a redhead.)

I think my fave activity may be either spending an afternoon cooking up lots of hearty, Fall recipes or canning, or, wrapping up in a shawl or throw, sitting by the fireplace, reading a good book. Or, hosting a Halloween party. Or, going pumpkin-picking...or... I just can;t pick one!
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I love cooking, especially in the fall- the recipes are sooo yummy!!! I'm trying out a new fall recipe at the moment: Pumpkin cider stew! I cooked it all last night in the crock pot and just finished adding the fresh veggies/fruit to it a few minutes ago so it'll be done soon

I really enjoy trying out lots of fun recpies for each season, but fall by far is my favorite!
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Best is when we had that hard frost as I know gardening is done for the year and I can relax for a few short months!!
I like the fall decorating-I have to get my fall stuff out as I have quite a bit!!

Liking the cooler nights for good sleeping!!
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I like the Harvest Festivals and going to the Farms.
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My favorite thing is taking a walk with my dogs in the woods behind my house and watching them play and run in the fallen leaves. I don't take them down there during spring or summer because of snakes, ticks, creepy crawlies (which freak me out more than them) but in fall and winter it's free game!

Besides that, hayrides (especially "haunted" hayrides in October). Driving to work is a treat in fall because it's 15 mins in the mountains and the trees are beautiful!!
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I love fall cooking. Stew, pumpkin pie, I love to go for a walk and look at the beautiful leaves
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I love fall cooking. Stew, pumpkin pie
I love to eat pumpkin pie
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Here in Florida where there is no autumn(just more summer) unfortunately, I'd have to say...
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