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Sunday! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Sunny but a very chilly 3C here this morning.

Heading off to work in a bit, but going to make it a short day. Have a nasty sinus headache that just doesn't want to quit, so I think it will just be a matter of putting in an appearance for a couple of hours.

Nothing planned for later today just home and a nap. Was suppose to go over to my aunts for dinner but will make it some other day..

The kitties are good this morning, sitting in the window being annoyed because I won't open it because it's to chilly..

Everyone have a good day
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Church at 10am, then grocery shopping in the afternoon. We were a little tired from working on that room for the family yesterday - from about 9am to 6pm - everyone was really to quit and call it a day. Only a few more things to do and its more/less finished for the time being for them.
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Church at eleven, then probably lunch at our favorite restaurant. This will be the first time Mom and I will see my sister since she went on vacation a week ago.
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Well, I worked out in the spare room this morning, then fixed the wireless internet access, and now I'm on here! I need to put some work in on my charity concert that I'm organising, I'm going to do roast chicken for dinner, after having a bath, and later I'm going to watch a movie with my DH. (I now pronounce you chuck and larry)
Happy sunday everyone!
It's quite mild and sunny here so we have the back door open and the girls are wandering in and out :-)
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as always in sunny england its overcast and threatening rain so im staying in.

had my mam and dad over this morning and im just about to do our sunday dinner, mince and dumplings yummmmy, whilst watching the touring car on tv
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Its 6 15pm here and i have just got back from 4 and half hour of babysitting ,

10yr old
5year old with server autism
3year old.

It was ok , it puts money in the purse

Nothing major is on the agenda for today , dads cooking the dinner , i think i am going to just chill out as my friends want me to look after there 10month old baby tomorrow (she has had some nasty teething and her mummy and daddy have not had any sleep is 3 days lol

I will probably atempt to make some toys for my ratties.

The cats are okay , just wondering about , eating the dogs food and playing , also sleeping lol
Jess x
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Well we finished grid #5 (out of 9) of the family room ceiling. Neil is planing/joining sanding more boards so I can prime. We will start one #6-slower going as the tricky ones are left!!
Got one clients containers done and will drop off tomorrow before work.

Cut down all my corn stalks and now have a HUGH pile to make into bundles and find people to take some of them.

Its sunny and in the upper 60's even though I think it feels warmer.

Leaving for the game tonite about an hour before kickoff-hopefully can find a halfway decent parking spot close to the stadium!!
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Listening to the football game, catching up on some school work, then work.
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I spent most of the day in the kitchen today- it was nice!

I cooked a pumpkin cider stew last night/this morning and then baked a carrot cake tonight (Thanks Karen).

DH and his coworker came over for lunch and hung out with me for a little bit while they were on their lunch break at work. After they left I worked on my carrot cake a bit then went and picked up my sister kimmy and brought her over to my house. We hung out for a few hours (drank some decaf coffee and had dessert/dinner). It was nice.

I took her back a little while ago then came home and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. Right now i'm just watching the news.
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