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Hobbes: The perfect English gentleman, who is so polite, he quietly waits to be invited onto my lap. Was abused, then abandoned by a neighbor, yet is so loving and trusting. If you visit, he will be in your lap literally within 5 minutes, and keep you trapped there, petting him. Does this with every visitor, especially women! Think he may be a British Shorthair.

Jasmine: mother;s little helper--Nanny J helps me takes care of the other 8; she keeps them in line, and also watches over her humans--she really is very human in personality,a nd one amazing kitty. The main Maine Coon (purebred)

Marge: I found 4-week old, sick, abandoned Marge at work. She;s my special girl, who I nursed back to health. It took her about 2 years to stop snatching and gobbling her food; I think she did this in the wild when she was so hungry and starving. It used to break my heart to think of her doing this. Grey and white shorthair.

Loki: the nut. Provides hours of amusement! Not a mean bone in his fat little body. Tuxedo pattern.

Willi: His brother. Sweet William: so emotionally needy,and a mama;s boy. Tuxie.

Smudge: thinks he;s the stud of the house; tries to be the dominant male, but fails--so cowardly when the chips are down--gotta love this big, black Maine Coon goof! He swaggers around, bullying the others, but is the biggest coward!

BJ: his bro. The Lion King (looks like a lion). Big sweetheart, who demands I hug him when I come in the door. (He is a grey tabby Maine Coon.)

Nixie: Skitterish, but I love him anyway. Probably the most beautiful of my cats--tan with black tabby markings, green eyed Maine Coon. Reminds me of a lynx.

Little Miss/ Cosette: their sister. Little grey tabby sweetheart--so tiny and under-sized. Very affectionate; adores DH. She has the loudest purr, and is the tinest adult cat I have ever had! Just a happy little girl, who prances around. I adore her!

(BTW, BJ, Nixie & Little Miss are all FeLV+)

Probably the biggest reason why I love my guys is that, with the exception of Jasmine, they are all strays and/or abused rescues we took in. (Jasmine was a surrender to a shelter--the old lady was dying or had died of cancer, and couldn;t care for her anymore. DH took her.)
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I love and adore Sunny because:

1. He loves me It's an honor to share our household with him.

2. He's a lot of fun. It's difficult to have a bad day with him around.
He's my wild and crazy boy.

3. He loves to snuggle. And incidently, so do we

4. He chose us He decided that he wanted to live with us and has been
here ever since. We wouldn't have it any other way.

5. He's the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen. He does some of the
cutest things. Even when he's bad - we love him.
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