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5 Reasons Why You Love Your Cat

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Let's hear 'em. 5 for each cat.
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In no particular order:
She has the most beautiful lime green eyes I have ever seen
She is more bitc*y than me
She naps on my lap while I watch TV in the lazy-boy, purring up a storm
She is an utter nut head, always making me laugh
She loves me back!
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I love flash because

no matter how bad of a mood im in when i come home from work she always makes me smile
she is an absolute cracker jack when shes in her play full moods
always purrs when you pick her up to cuddle her
she will sit and fall asleep on us when we are watching TV
shes got the most beautiful coloration through her coat

i could go on forever really
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Ok I have 7 cats so here it goes-
Mary-She is my rock
She reads my moods
She comforts me when I am down
She keeps the cats in line
She is tough but sweet at the same time
Seldon-Because he is funny
He is friendly
He is talkative
He is very intelligent
He is always sweet to the new cats on the block
Cleo-He is a big stuffed animal looking cat
He is bundle of love
He is up for belly rubs any time
He runs around the house with barbies in his mouth
He nose kisses me anytime I need some love
Saffron-She talks
She is affectionate to the point she will just rest her cheek on your foot
She is always ready to play
She is grateful for a warm lap
She tries to one up Mary but loses everytime and it makes me laugh
Sachi-Extra toes!
She loves to be carried
She has a crush on Seldon so I catch them cuddled up in the cat tree
She plays with Renzo
She will watch TV with me
Lucia-She talks a lot
She is a good mommy to her babies
She is smart
She is feisty
She has the prettiest bright green eyes in the world
Renzo'the runty'-He comes everywhere with me so we are bonded
He makes me laugh
He is brave
He thinks he is as big as the other cats
He sleeps curled up next to my neck
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Loki --
He follows me everywhere
He sleeps with me when I go to bed at night
He cuddles with me and keeps me company in the mornings
He likes to give me nose kisses
He loves to be held and carried around

Felix --
He snuggles with me on a regular basis
He loves belly rubs
He plays with me
He has a gorgeous coat; the shades of orange and white are blended beautifully
He is a good mother figure to the youngest kitten

Little Cat --
He has the sweetest face
He loves to play
I like the way his white fur blends into the grey to make him lighter, and the grey spots on one of his front legs
I also like the way his ears stick out on the side of his head
He's special because we personally rescued him
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In no particular order:

1. She loves to give hugs and kisses (love bugs)
2. She's such a cuddle bug
3. She has a great temperament and loves people
4. She has never scratched anyone or anything
5. She is so soft
6. She loves the vacuum cleaner


In no particular order:

1. She loves to be near me
2. She gives me just the right amount of cuddles
3. She loves to have her belly rubbed
4. She can be bribed into pretty much anything if she sees a brush in your hand.
5. She's very smart and picks up things quickly. She learned from watching Chynna to not scratch furniture
6. She has the loudest and cutest purrrr!!!
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1. She had a sweet little stumpy tail
2. She had the cutest little white moustache
3. She was so gentle and sweet to everyone
4. She would let you hold her like a little baby
5. Although she was timid, when she wanted fuss she was the most lovable kitty ever

And now Mitzi

1. She always wants to play
2. She has the most innocent look on her face, and when we wrestle she always meows, as if she's telling me to stop it, when really she started it!
3. She has a cute pink button nose!
4. She does little 'Kitten Hops' when she plays and growls like a tiger
5. She has spazzes all around the house like a lunatic.

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Because he chose me
He has attitude like his mum ( so I`m told! )
He is a super stud-muffin
He can be very sweet when he wants
He is a good copmanion for me

Because she was so poorly and neglected when I got her
She loves to lay on top of me with her head on my chest
Although she is 'fragile' she still has tortitude
Because I have to keep her seperate from Kitty and she accepts it very well.
Because she deserves all the love she can get
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Only 5? ok
When I am upset she cuddles with me
Her fur is the softest I have ever felt
She found me and "forced" me to keep her
She only purrs when I pet her
She crys when she needs my attention.

She gets along with everyone (even other cats)
She is not shy
She comes to the door when I get home
Her tail
Her faical expressions

She naps in my lap when I am watching tv or on the comp.
She talks and makes all kinds of cute noises
She is naughty, but knows how to get out of trubble
She is shy and you have to earn her trust
She is VERY clumsy

He is bave
He makes me laugh
He picks on Flower
He likes to cuddle with me and give kisses
He purrs if you look at him
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I love Hennessy Because:

1. He loves to snuggle

2. He begs so sweetly

3. He tolerates the dog

4. He's well behaved, no matter what everyone says.

5. He's a wonderful kitty ambassador!
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He is a little joker who can always make me laugh.
He is happy about everything.
He has such a cute little face.
He thinks Pixie, Sassy, and I are the center of the universe.
He has the loudest purr that I ever heard.

She has the most expressive eyes.
Even though she was abused badly she still loves people.
She's a mother hen and has to know what everyone's up to.
She put's up with Linus and never gets annoyed with him
She's got a cute budda belly.

He's been my cuddle bug for 16years.
He's always close by whenever I am doing anything.
He knows exactly what I am saying to him.
He keeps Pixie and Linus in line.
Because he's Sassy.....
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- because she was the first and handles the 'responsibility' like a queen.
- because she is such a love bug and gives cuddles all the time
- because she is a beautiful girl...and she knows it!
- because she is a great mommy to her babies even though she's spayed and they're all 'grown up'.
- because I know she loves me back.

- because he'll always be my favorite black boy.
-because he meows like he'll die if someone doesn't come pick him up right that second.
- because he was the ugly duckling of the litter but is now beautiful.
- because he rolls around on his back like a lunatic when he wants you to stop walking and look at him.
- because he's a fighter and has gone through all of the bumps in his life without complaints.

- because he loves everyone and everyone loves him
- because he has an aura that makes him beautiful, inside and out.
- because he loves the fish in the fish bowls but would never, ever eat them
- because he's a lazy bum who spends 75% of his life sleeping.
- because he has curly hair on his belly.

- because she belongs with us and made this clear through fate.
- because she has a 'morning voice' meow.
- because even though she will probably never be a 'people cat' she has imrpoved so much.
- because she has the most beautiful stripes I've ever seen.
- because she lets you know what she wants, when she wants it (and doesn't let you get away with not doing it, either).

- because she's been through so much in her life but it fighting through everything so well.
- because she's a champ at scarfing down food!
- because she is the only torbie I've ever known.
- because she pokes her head out from under my bed in the cutest way.
- because she has such a huge range of expressions.
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ReeRee :

1: He challenges himself to overcome his limitations because of CH.
2: He runs like Bambi through the house and makes me laugh, I call him my little fairy boy!
3: He yells at you when he wants to be picked up, and lets you hold him like a baby.
4: He comes on the bed every night for a snuggle. (he only snuggles with me)
5: He sucks on Fiona's toes!


1: She made us fall in love with her the first time we saw her!
2: She is petite and fluffy. So cute!
3: She has extra toes that she uses as a mitt to catch balls in mid air!
4: She is momma to ReeRee, even though he is not hers.
5: She loves to be groomed and endures my daily checks of her ears, eyes and other bits.


1: He is the only one who lays in my lap!
2: He is GORGEOUS and a big boy.
3: He STARES at you all the time. Still don't know what he is trying to commuicate but it's so endearing.
4: He can keep up with the young ones still and give them a run for their money!
5: I love when I go to bed and he runs up onto it and waits for me so he can get cuddles.

1: He was my first.
2: He was a baby, letting me do anything to him.
3: He would purr and purr.
4: He loved people, and would always greet people who came to the house.
5: He made you feel loved.
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I can't pick just 5 reasons. I love everything about cats! Which is part of why I have ten of them!

Well, except for maybe cleaning out the litterbox, that is! I gotta teach Gabriel how to train the others to use the toilet!
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1 - His pink mouth
2 - His tiny paws
3 - His skinny body
4 - The way he skips everywhere
5 - He is soooo very affectionate and know I can have a cuddle whenever I want

1 - He loves his mummy (me) very much
2 - He tries to groom my hair and doesn't realise it hurts
3 - He is sooooo well behaved
4 - His two freckles on his mouth
5 - The way he makes grunting and snoring noises when he's dozing
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1. The sweet purrrrs
2. The sweet chrip sounds
3. Nose bunting
4. Cuddling and being so warm
5. Affectionate, good natured, friendly
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Kitty : I always wake up to her next to me, She loves only me, Kitty is very well manered, Her meow is so soft and sweet, i love how fussy she can be

Holly : She always wants loves, she is fearless, she is a kitten and thats enough alone, since day one she wanted to befriend Kitty, her soft fuzzy chest
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The way she sleeps on her back with fluffy tummy showing & curled up toes.
The way she sleeps with me every night.
The way she helps me make the bed & with the dusting.
The way she walks over me demanding ear scratches.
Her attempts to meow. She is mostly a silent cat.
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The way she talks to me
The way she cuddles next to me when I sleep.
The way she only allows hubby and I to touch her
The way she hides away during the day
Her colouring

His dominante way
The way he runs after leaves
The way he refuses raw foods
The way he loves to climb into the cuboards
His gentle touch and he loves to cuddle.
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- she's my first cat and pet (as an adult) and turned me into a cat person
- she won't run away when you try to cuddle with her on the bed
- she makes cute chirpy noises and talks to you
- how cute she looks when she lays on her back and is all stretched out
- she is independent and just wants to be alone, which is kind of how I feel most of the time.

- she is always giving kisses
- she is super playful
- the way she finds the weirdest places to sleep
- she reduces the number of bugs I ever have to see
- how cute she looks when she tries to nurse on her soft blanket
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5 reasons i love Max.
  • He is only to happy to share 'his' bed with me when i go home (i'm at uni, he lives with my parents).
  • My daddy is mean to him and calls him Slug.
  • The way he looks at me when i come home as if to say 'How could you leave me again?'
  • Mum tells me that he goes looking for me when i'm not there.
  • He loves me.
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1- She always knows when I'm upset and comes to me being cuddley and cute and funny till I laugh...she then bites me and runs away lol
2- she knows who's boss in our house...that'd be her btw lol
3- she can't stand bugs and its funny to watch (she cries and carries on stupd when she thinks there's a bug)
4- because she's my baby girl and is usually always happy to see me
5- because she always sleeps on my side of the bed at night
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I only have one, Danny. (In no order):

*He's a good snuggler, especially when the nights are cold.

*He loves to play.

*He is always happy to see me when I come home.

*He is almost never cross.

*He loves to take walks outside and is very good about wearing his halter.

Like everyone else I could think of scads more!
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Seamus -

1. Because he is always at the door ready to greet me when I come in, and always at the door wishing I won't go when I leave.
2. Because he prances to me when I call his name
3. Because he gives me kisses on command, even if he's not in the mood to be cute
4. Because he is so loving with his new brother, and took to him very quickly.
5. Because he knows just what do to to make me smile and laugh.

Freddy -

1. Because he is so smart and such a fast learner.
2. Because he's mommy's little 'helper' in the morning as I iron and get dressed.
3. Because he snuggles into my legs or belly when I get home and lay down.
4. Because he always wants to try what Mommy's eating and will put his nose right in!
5. Because he has made his brother a calmer, more docile cat.

And I love both of them because they both came into my life when I least expected it and really make me believe they were meant to be here and help the cynic in me believe some things are just meant to be.
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Let's hope I don't forget anyone!Lol!

I love semi-short hair kitties...
I also love black
She has the cutest 'sad innocent' face
Likes going for walks and carrides; those are just new adventures for her!
She is very people oriented
Takes after her mom, Kiira, in almost every aspect...down to her learning how to find my face at night

Also black
Is 'mommy' oriented...lol
She will sit on the cat tree in our living room and just watch us
Finds all the cozy spots...making me totally envious somedays!
Sleeps on my chest and tries to find my face at night, when I am deeply covered in the blankets; she'll stick her cold paws in and literally feel my face; when she's satisfied, she goes to sleep.

Doesn't care who you are, she loves you if you'll let her snuggle with you
People oriented
Very playful...which 'sometimes' gets her in trouble...tehehe...she'll fall off the cat tree!
Loves catnip with a scarey passion
Purrs before she even gets to you

Martha Mae
Stunning markings
Loud booming purr
Total daddy's girl
Hates baths, but has no issues taking a shower with dad...
Is our 'groucho marx'...but I think she's really a softy with a 'bad kitty attitude...tehehe!

Has a very 'wild' look...very pretty boy
Loves dried fish treats...no one else does..but he'll do probably anything for them!
He's very standoffish...so he rarely gets in the way, or underfoot...a breath of fresh air, with four others who do!lol!
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okay, I have 12 and I am not listing them all separately but I love my cats because they always seem so happy to see me
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1. She is so beautful - her green eyes are amazingly expressive
2. She loves me
3. She loves chilling out with me and shows me how to relax
4. She soothes me
5. She's still as playful as a kitten, even though she's 10.

1. She has a really foxy walk
2. She makes me feel so relaxed and forget about everything else when she neads my shoulders and burys her face in my hair
3. She shows me how to chill out and relax.
4. She's so playful - everything is a game - even a spec on the wall is a beastie monstor just waiting to be chased.
5. She is beautiful

I could go on forever!

I love it so much when we're all relaxing together

I love it when I come home in the middle of the night and they are still there, waiting to see me when I come through the door, even though they were obviously asleep and have got up to come greet me - they sometimes look so sleepy!
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1) Her squeaky little meow
2) She thinks she's a dog
3) She's my little motorboat kitty! Always purring!
4) She's so soft and fluffy!
5) She's greets me at the door with her tail stuck straight up in the air!

1) The way she flops over onto her back for belly rubs everytime I see her.
2) She's so quiet and delicate - she tiptoes around the house.
3) She gives me kisses and hugs!
4) They way she chases her tails and does gymnastics on her cat tree.
5) She's always learning new things and finding new places to hide...and teaching her big sister!

1) She was beautiful!
2) She gave kisses and hugs on demand.
3) She followed me around the house in the mornings.
4) She cuddled with us in bed at night.
5) She fought so hard to get better and never resented us for all the poking and proding we had to do trying to get her better.
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calco; because he loves me unconditionaly
he makes me laugh
he makes me feel good
we need each other
i need him, moore than he needs me
he's soft
he kneads on me,
he listens
jr. bug we have an understanding, he tells when hes hungary, i feed him
makes me laugh also
hes soft
his personality, is cool.. hes a comedian
he listens to
were buddies
lil bit "the little girl"
bacause shes independant
because she dosent listen
because she aloof
because she soft
because all the things above
because the little hobo, really does love us. shes new,scared
but because i love her
because she runs across the room jumps on the chair, and makes it skid
2 -3 feet.
because God loves them and loves me too
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Let's hear 'em. 5 for each cat.
1. Diva personality
2. Cute face
3. Graceful
4. Sweet when she wants to be
5. Perfect litter box habits

1. Very sweet
2. Hilarious personality
3. Perfect litter box habits
4. Plump body
5. Obeys the "sit" command like a dog would
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