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I've had lots of cats through out my childhood but alas, this is my first kitten of my very own.
I obtained Isabella from my parents at 5 months.
She will be exactly 6 months on Tuesday of this week.
Tonight (actually this morning) I found one of her milking molars on the floor. This is her FIRST, that we know of, lost tooth.
My concern is that in all of my readings everyone says that kittens should have lost all of their kitten teeth by now.
The gum where the tooth came from is a healthy pink and red where the tooth was. She wont let me look in her mouth for long enough to investigate if I can see the new tooth coming in or not. She has EXTREMELY bad breath.
Also Tuesday the 16th of this month I was sleeping after getting off work (I work nights) and I awoke to Izzy's confused and mournful cries.
As I dashed into the bathroom to see what was the matter she had barfed up roundworms. My fiance came home about 25 minutes later and we took her to the vet. He gave her something for the worms that was icky and green. She didn't eat much of anything for two days. Since then she has been eating fine.
My real concern here is that I am wondering if the times for kittens losing their teeth is approximate or should I be worried?
She is EXTREMELY small for her age. She is the size of 2 month old kittens.
I work at a Petsmart and I see them a lot.
Izzy still nurses and chews on my fingers.
Please give me some feedback on what I should expect.
Thanks bunches.
(I should be posting elsewhere about her background story, she has had an interesting start to life)
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She is around the same age as my cats were when they lost their teeth.
My Oreo is small and was the runt of the litter.
She is 1 but looks 6 months.
I would like to see the story of your cat.
My Oreo is small because she had fcks and almost died as a kitten.
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just posted in the 'new cats on the block' forum XD
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From what I've learned on the net a cat should have all its adult teeth by the age of 7 mths.
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