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Thank you again Marilyn!

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I can't believe a week went by so fast! So many issues brought up and handled - thank you so much!

I'll keep the forum open for a few more days, to let people post their thanks and for Marilyn to wrap up any threads she may want to address again.

Please do not post new questions for Marilyn - thank you!

Join me in this thread to let Marilyn know how much we appreciate her wonderful contribution to TCS!
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Thanks for the help.
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Thank you so much Marilyn The last few days I've been feeding Trace in the bedroom with Peanut and Sassy, but on the opposite side of the bed. And in just that time, he and Mischief are "chumming" it again, sharing a shelf and watching the hummingbirds.
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I'm happy to hear about the improvement! Sometimes it just takes something as simple as that...
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Thank you so much for your time and effort!

This was a very popular forum, and I'm sure you're well on your way to a raging case of carpal tunnel syndrome from being so diligent with your replies!
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Thank you so much, Marilyn, for all of your helpful advice! I admire you and the work you do sooo very much!
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Thank you Marilyn!

Your advice is invaluable and very much appreciated.
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Thank you everyone! I enjoyed answering your questions.
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Thanks Marilyn for taking the time to do this. It certainly has added a lot to our knowledge.
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Thank you, Marilyn, for a very helpful and educational experience on dealing with the challenges of a multi-cat household. Even though I didn't post, simply reading your responses to others helped me a great deal. Thanks again!
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Thank you, Marilyn, for the time and effort spent answering our questions, and adding a valuable resource to the forum.
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Thank you for this contribution to our community, Marilyn. I'm sure those who have had questions are grateful for your assistance, and it will be an ongoing resource.
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