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For the green thumbs

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Well it's our first spring at the new house, and all these lovely surprises have popped up in the garden, half of which we didn't have at our other homes. I just wanted to share these pics i took a few hours ago. The previous owners planted alot of bulbs. The last few months we had lots of daffodils, jonquils and snowdrops as well.

Wisteria, only just coming out. It's absolutely stunning when in bloom

An orchid mums work collegues bought for her birthday last week


Aloe in flower (it never flowered at out last house)


White iris

Purple iris

Yellow tulip

Red tulip

Yellow freesia (if you don't have these or know of them, they have the most beautiful scent ever)

Red freesia

And some daisy thing which i'm not sure of yet

Also the apricot, plum and nectarines are ending their flowering now, but they were so pretty, i can't wait till we get fruit. The apples, pears and grapes are only just getting their leaves as well.


Hope you like our garden. Must take more pictures when the food starts growing
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How beautiful! I love the smell of freesia

It seems so strange to see someone posting about their garden in bloom when the trees where I live are turning yellow and red and getting ready to drop their leaves in preparation for winter.

If all goes as planned, I am taking a trip to Australia next year during our fall to meet some of my internet friends whom I've talked to online for years.
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Those pictures are great
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Wow, lovely! I had no idea that aloe would flower!
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Thank you for those lovely pictures, Emma! Your garden can keep all us Northern Hemisphere types warm through the winter!
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