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Merrick changing formulas?

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For the longest time, Merrick canned foods have been one of Niko's fav foods.. almost every one of their flavors, he loved. I kept it in the rotation for quite some time, making sure not to let him get too sick of it, rarely giving the brand to him more than three times a week. All of a sudden, he won't TOUCH anything from Merrick- of course, just after I've stocked up. In particular, the Cowboy Cookout was one he would never turn down, and I've noticed the consistency has changed and it smells a little different.

Why, o' why, do they change the formulas? I had a hard enough time trying to get stuff he'd eat, and now the job became that much tougher. To top it off, in the pet store by me, Merrick is one of the cheapest of the better foods, at only $ .89 for the 5.5 oz cans. Why couldn't he pick one of the more expensive ones to dislike all of a sudden?
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That's the nice thing about having 3 cats. very seldom do I have to throw food away. It does happen sometimes though and then I figure it must be really bad. lol. My cats are so-so on Merrick. Cats!
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My cat *points to user name* used to love Merrick's but after six months or so of eating it without problems, he started getting pickier and pickier about which flavors he would eat.

Boris rejection of Merrick's might have coincided with hairball troubles (which have gone away since I started feeding Avoderm along with Wellness). For all I know, he started associating Merrick's with hairballs (but I don't know, I can't read human minds, let alone cat minds). If something medical or psychologically troubling has happened to your cat recently, he might just have started associating it with the kind of food he eats.

If there were foods your cat rejected before in favor of Merrick's, try to revisit them. Boris loved Wellness as a kitten, then started refusing it, and (after his long period of wanting only Merrick's came and went) now he likes it just fine again.
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