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Chip - rescued squirrel

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Meet Chip, terribly tame squirrel who was kept as a pet since he was young and recently surrendered. He's very people-friendly, and way too tame to be released into the wild. If he's put on a tree, he hardly knows what to do with his freedom. Its quite sad really.. But he's absolutely cute, so here are pix of him for your enjoyment.

Eeks, one of the images refuses to resize in photobucket. Will post it up as soon as I get it sorted out.
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oh that is so sad. i can't imagine a tame squirrel. they move so fast and cover such a huge area. thank goodness the previous owners had the good sense to surrender him to you guys and not just release him. he is a sweetie though.
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Aww, such a cutie! Poor little Chip, at least he has you to look after him.
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Visited the rescue centre in the afternoon and saw Chip again today. Brought him to a tree. He leapt off the tree and climbed up my leg instead. When I carried him back to the tree he chattered noisily, as if scolding me Now I've got tiny squirrel scratches on my thigh... geez!

Here's the pic that refused to be resized this morning. I've got somemore in my camera, but the battery's died. I'll probably post those up tomorrow.

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More pictures of Chip taken yesterday. We were putting him on different trees and watching his response. Most times, he would zip around only the particular tree we put him on. Occasionally, he would leap onto the ground and find a person to climb up... That's not good!

Here he is, being transported to a nearby tree

Trying out a small tree

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have just found these new pics of chip, how great to see him out in the tree!

what are the chances of him being rehomed? or is he likely to stay with you guys now?
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Oh, goodness. Poor Chip. I do love to see him in that tree, though. Truth be told, squirrels are my favourite animal, after cats, and I've always wanted one as a pet. Would never try to tame one, but I'd be up for taking care of one that was already tame. Wish I could take him... poor baby. My kits would make lunch out of him!
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Awwww, how cute. My friend found a baby squirrel and nursed it back to health, she let it go in the tree in the backyard, and he lives in that tree now, his name is Johnny Rocket
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Oh my gosh look at that baby. Are there any updates on him?
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Chip is such a beautiful little boy! I am a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and absolutely detest the fact that he was kept as a "pet" and then surrendered!!! I'm so thankful he has found a home at the rescue center, but it's still so upsetting that he was given up by the people he had come to know as his family. This is exactly why the general public should not be allowed to care for wildlife.
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We raised a red squirrel one summer; his mum had gotten killed, and we were fortunate to find him before other critters did. He was really friendly and quick too, but he was very happy to return to the wild later on that fall.

That little guy you have is a cutie! Are you going to move him into a bigger pen, by chance? I would think one of those big cat kennels (with the shelves) would be a lovely 'retirement' home for that fella!
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Oh wow. I would love a pet squirrel. Too cute

Thanks for sharing.
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Hi! Sorry I've taken so long to reply. My laptop died on me and stayed dead since last Tuesday, so I wasn't able to come online at all.

Chip has indeed been moved to a large enclosure built specially for small mammals. The rescue centre folks have arranged trees and branches and are putting food all over the place for him to forage for. He will soon be released into the wild!

If I can grab some photos of Chip in his new place, I'll post them here for you.
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that's great news about chip! glad to hear that he is happy and soon to be free as he should be.
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