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Animals in Iraq

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Was there ANY item on the American news regarding the fate of Iraqi animals - pets, zoo, farm animals?

I remember on one of the attacks on Afganistan at the time, a Zoo was hit, and there was a lot of talk about that. I know in Israel animals are affected everytime something happens (even budget wise - NO money for the animals, ALL the money for security layout. Bad priority ).

Please tell me if you hear anything. I'm sorry to say that this is one of the first things I thought of when things started. Call me a fanatic...
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I was thinking the same thing. I read that the The International Fund for Animal Welfare has joined forces with WSPA to save the Baghdad animals, and has launched an emergency relief fund for that purpose. I hope they can save these animals, it's so horrible to read that the big cats are getting it the worst. They are starving, it makes me so angry that they can't do something right now! Nothing can be done until permission to enter Baghdad is granted by the U.S. and British governments.
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There was a thread about this, in the Lounge. The Marines ARE feeding and watering the big cats. When they found Qusay? Uday's? private zoo, they also found a sheep on the grounds and fed it to the cats, right away. They are procuring goats from the locals and feeding those to the cats.

The big cats were the only animals left. The rest were looted.
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Got an update, this morning: Kuwait has donated two weeks worth of food, for the animals. That will keep them going, while further arrangements are made.
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That is really great news. I hope they keep up the good work, and I hope soon - some professional animal keepers will be allowed in the country.
Please keep updating!
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Several weeks ago, before all this started, TIME reported that the subject had come up in Parliament (an MP asked Tony Blair what plans were being made to protect the animals in Baghdad Zoo), and that the US Army had veterinarians in the Gulf, too. I don't think many people have forgotten Marwan, the lion in Kabul.
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Yesterday CNN reported that the lions and cheetahs from Uday's private zoo had been moved to the Baghdad Zoo by the U.S. Army. Apparently, the only animals left in the zoo by looters were the big cats.
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Would YOU try to steal a hungry lion or tiger??
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Definitely not, but I think I would also avoid apes, bears, elephants, etc., too. I hate to say it, but I hope the animals didn't end up on somebody's plate! The Army found a private hunting reserve of Saddam's, and they're shooting and eating the gazelles! Apparently they have a quota, but the soldiers are so sick of MREs that they really appreciate the fresh meat.
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