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My 3 shadows......

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Our 3 cats Momcat (yeah that's her name don't laugh) and her 2 kittens Koko and Precious follow us to the bathroom and sit outside til we're through.I don't have any idea how they know where we're going when we get up but they do.Momcat will sit outside the door and meow loudly the whole time too.

Bizarre and hilarious behavior never a dull moment lol.
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My two do this too!
I thought it was cute and funny until Freya figured out how to open the bathroom door.
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You just never know what is up with their fascination with humans in the bathroom! Mine will even play pawswipe under the door ...
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I can so relate. I live alone but have absolutely no privacy! It doesn't matter where I go in my apartment, or what I'm doing, I have at least 1 cat supervising me. They even share my bathroom and frequently decide to potty the same time I am
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i thought it was just a phase and kitten would grow out of it obviously not, flash is the same follows us to the loo she will even get in the shower to when its on daft cat loves water
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I know how y'all feel. I don't even bother to shut the dorr becuase it dose not latch all the way and the pup just pushes it open. Figaro's litter box is in are bathroom so he always goes when my boy friend or I are in there. Flower likes to sit on the tank behind me and the pup sits there and licks my feet or my knee not sure what thats all about. I can't shower alone either Comet (the pup) likes to drink the water and the cats sit on the side of the tub and watch me.
One time I was cat sitting for my cousin and her cat liked to sit on my lap when I used the bathroom so I am just tankfull my cats don't do that.
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