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Athena, one of Mimi's 4 kittens, passed away this morning. She was so tiny, half the size of her sister. She will be missed by me, my family, Mimi, her siblings and the kitties. She was 12 days old today, I thought she would've made it. Here's a poem I made for her.

My sweet little angel
Only 12 days old
to small to stand
always too cold.

My sweet little angel
How healthy you looked
Purring and kneading
I was so hooked

My sweet little angel
So tiny, so pretty
You had the chance
To be a healthy kitty

My sweet little angel
Your one of the few
I can't believe your gone
I was so attached to you

My sweet little angel
Your eyes were so blue
You grabbed at my nose
I would kiss you

My sweet little angel
We must say goodbye
I'll send you way up
Into the kitty cat sky

By Tasha Fossum

In my heart until the end of time
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Oh, Tasha, I am so sorry to hear that!

Sending a hug to you, Mimi and the kittens.
May Athena find her way to snuggle in Bast's arms.
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I'm so sorry I thought we were in the clear now with our kittens and that they would all be okay!! Poor little baby lots of hugs to you, momma and the other kittens.
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It's so upsetting when a kitten dies. We get attached to them immediately. I'm so sorry this happened. I'm sure she's in God's hands.
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Mimi is very upset. She keeps looking at me as if to say "Where's my little angel?". I realize now that not all kittens survive. Chi Chi's runt passed away last night, I took her home and baried her in the garden. I am going to bary Athena beside her. I have'nt told my little brother yet, he's going to be so sad. Thanks guys, your already making me feel better. There's nothing I could have done, nobody could've helped her. I miss her.

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R.I.P Athena
Your in my thoughts Tasha

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