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What's little, yellow, and has puppy breath?

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New foster puppy. No where else to go with him, I was last resort (spent an hour calling foster homes tonight). Golden Retriever/Lab X. 7 weeks.
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You just can't say no can you.

What a cutie pie.
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Oh, what a little treasure, Nat!
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OMG!!! They didn't call me. I would never have said no!
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Oh my goodness look at that face and those eyes!!

Hes the "there aint no bugs on me" baby.
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Awwwwwwww...What a cutie pie!!! Enjoy that little sweetface while you can, I bet he goes fast once he's up for adoption!!!
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
You just can't say no can you.
Not generally, considering if I didn't take him, he'd have to stay at the shelter, which means he stood a very good chance of getting parvo (meaning he'd die).

He knows how to go up/down stairs, according to his owner he is "crate trained" i.e. he goes into the crate to go potty , he is used to being indoors, and chews a lot.

He's all sleepy cute right now. A few more pics.

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He is so cute
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ooh... What a cutie patootie that little boy is too!!
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Looks like he needs to grow into that harness...Alot!Lol!!!
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He's adorable! I hope he finds the home of his dreams soon!
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omg!!! he's the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! Natalie can you sneak him over to my house
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I wished you'd warned me!

I absolutely LOOOOVVVVE labradors. Darn it. If I lived closer I'd have to come and get him, I've always wanted one

SO cute!
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Oh good grief, look at that face!!! Why did they give him up Nat?
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Boy, if I lived anywhere close, I'd be on your doorstep right now asking to take him home! He is soooo adorable! I love labs and retrievers, such sweet and smart dogs! It's too bad so many of them end up in shelters and such. I hope Duke will find a wonderful forever home!
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He's adorable. I would take him, lol!
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and again Oh my lord, what a sweet little boy!! I think I honestly just feel in love, especially since it was a foster puppy.

I actually called DH in to see....the conversation when like this:

"Come here a minute, please...????" (can you hear the sugar dripping over the internet")
enter: Husband
"Look at this little sweetie.....he's a golden retriever/lab mix."
"Awww, he IS cute."
"He's a foster so he needs a home"

......long pause......

"Where is he now?"
"Good! We don't need another one!"

I'll see if I can't keep working on him though...he is just beautiful!!
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But it's BEAUTIFUL in MN this time of year!!
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What a cutie pie!
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He is so darn cute I wanna reach out through the computer and squeeze him!
Poor little sweetie-pie. Who could say no to that face?
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OMG What a cutie pie
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Lil Duke got adopted a former volunteer & very good friend of mine.
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Thanks for the great news!! Way to go lil one ...
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Oh thats great Natalie
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