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Floppy ear!!

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Wow, I haven't been here in a while ^^

But if anyone remembers my gorgeous Cierron...well, he has got a floppy ear! It's very strange. His ears are usually stiff and upright, but for the last few weeks the tip of his left ear has gone all floppy and won't stand up pointy like the other one! It doesn't have any marks and he doesn't mind when I flick it (it's funny to see it flap ) but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what may have caused it?
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As far as I know, aren't their ears made of cartilage? Perhaps the cartilage has lost some of its structure due to a fight, accident??

It happens with people's ears too. When someone has 'cauliflower' ears...it means that the fibres holding the cartilage have broken down..and so the cartilage unravels sort of.

I know that one of my cats has very soft ears..meaning that I can fold them about 3 times, whereas, the other cat's ears, while soft, don't fold over.

I don't think it's life threatning..but I bet a Vet would like to see it.
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