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Cat going in crib, what to do?

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We just set up the baby's crib today (I am 8 months pregnant) and our 10 month old cat is already jumping in it and sleeping in it! I dont know what to do! she is pretty gentle but she has a habit of jumping on everything, the counters, kitchen table, etc. Is there anything we can do to break her of this before the baby is here? I dont want to get rid of her!
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First let me say congrats! Do you have any boundaries/limitations set with your kitty at this time? You mentioned she has a habit of jumping on everything......... She is young, definitely trainable! I would keep this room off limits, closed door. When you do come in and allow her in, do not allow her to go in crib, stop her before she jumps in. I t is completely possible to set boundaries for kitties in a respectful manner, it just takes time.
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I would pick her up, tell her no and put her out of the crib. Or you could replace the baby's room door with a screened door and not allow the cat in the room unless you are right there.

Believe me, most cats will vacate the room when the baby starts crying My son grew up with cats and they all loved him.........but they rarely went into the room when he was in the crib
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My granddaughter's cat slept under her crib. They let the cats look at her and sniff her right when she came home, so they knew it was just a little noisy thing, and pretty much left her alone unless she was on the couch. Then he would snuggle up and clean her toes or sniff her hair. He would sometimes end up being a pillow. When she got a little bigger, he would snuggle with her. He is always very gentle with her. Now that she can walk, he will stalk her, just playing, and headbutt her. They are still supervised, but there has never been an incident.
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My cats do the same thing! I don't have a matress for my crib yet (got it at a yard sale), so it dosent bother me too much, but I do not want them to think its a place for them to play! Right now I just take them out of it and tell them no. They are starting to get it. I am only 5months along so I have awhile to teach them before the baby comes. Good luck to you and congrats!
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My Manx slept in the crip with my sister and protected her.
When she was almost 5 years old Whiskers attacked and my Manx pulled whiskers off. She was very protective.
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Here's what we did and it worked like a charm, and it's great that you have so much time to prepare still.

Blow up a lot of balloons and place them in the crib, one layer deep. Then cover the balloons with a sheet or comforter, preferably what you plan on using when little one comes.

After a few times of the cat jumping in the crib and the balloons flying all over, they will get scared and learn their lesson that that is not a place they want to be.

Good luck, congrats on the upcoming arrival and welcome to TCS!!!
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