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Chantel, Carter's sister

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I was just informed today that Chantel, one of the kitties at the shelter, passed away last month. She had a sudden heart attack and couldn't even move. She had to be put down.

Chantel was Carter's sister, and a very shy, but friendly cat. She never got a forever home - she was raised as a bottle baby in the shelter and that was where she passed away. While she had friends among the other cats, I had always hoped I'd eventually find some way to bring her into my home so she could spend her days with her brother. At least she was still happy where she was.

Chantel as a kitten.

Chantel as an adult.

Chantel, sleeping with a stuffed toy.

Chantel with her best friend Poppy. I thought Poppy seemed so lonely

Bye bye, Chantel. I know someday you'll be there to help Carter across the bridge when the day comes.
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She looks like such a sweet kitty.
How sad that she never had a forever home...
but it looks like she knew love.

Rest in peace dear Chantel
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poor girl, she was so young! a for Chantel - & some for you & Poppy...
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So sorry she died and never got a home.
How old was she?
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That's sad. She was too young. RIP Chantel.
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Rest in peace Chantel.
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What a sad story! Rest in Peace Chantel.
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Oh the poor baby, she's gorgeous as well

Have a wonderful time at the bridge Chantel

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The ones that never find a home are the hardest to lose!

R.I.P. sweet girl. Have fun over the bridge.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
How old was she?
Only a year old, just barely. The shelter director was really broken up about it too because she raises all the bottle babies.

A question to those out there: should I be getting Carter checked out? He's had checkups since I got him and he's do for his annual shots and health check in a few weeks, but I'm not sure if I should wait that long. Carter was just at the vet on Friday - if I'd known about Chantel then, I would have asked them about it, but as far as I knew Friday, Chantel was alive and happy.
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Play happily over RB, Chantel - you are in our Forever Home now - please greet my Miss Tobie for me, and be sure to give Michelle and Natalie-Grace some headbutts for me!!!
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