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Spent $40 + at Petsmart last night

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man..I am addicted to that place...I am in high heaven when I go in there...I bought a bag of dry Authority kitten food , a 30lb container of kitty litter, 4 bags of cat treats, new pair of kitty clippers, and ummm..a whole case of authority canned cat food......the lady at the register thought I had at least a dozen cats...Steve thought I was crazy! anyone else go crazy when they are in this store?
Since we have 2 cats now, it adds to our grocery list, and I have to go to a seperate store almost always now....
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I know I am always tempted to get more toys for the kitties. And treats, and new things like the Zoom Groom that I first heard of here on TCS...

The thing that I find myself lingering over lately is cat furniture. They have a 7' tall cat tree, which they love and use constantly, but I keep thinking another, smaller one for the computer room would be nice too.. plus one for the basement, one for the attic...geez, I need to win the lottery to let the cats live in total luxury!
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i spent around 60 at walmart last night. I bought better kitten food for snowwhite, i bough speical kittyfor the outside guys, and a BUNCH of toys!! I got toys for moe and neo and toys to put in the kitten room for them to play with when they get alittle bigger and i got kitty litter! Oh and those sticky roller things that get cat hair off of clothes!
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Hmm, maybe a trip to Wal-mart is in order. I never leave there without a full cart! There are so many great bargains there, and with Spring finally here to stay, I can get all sorts of goodies for the garden, too.
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they have these new toys that i hadn't seem before!! Neo and moe moe always break those toys that are a want and then have something hanging off the end. Well i found ones there that are a want, then a long peice of thick fabric and then this feather thing. Moe and Neo LOVE it!! I also got a couple balls with feathers, and of course those little fake mice. Neo loves them, i gave him one and he was walking around the house with it in his mouth and growling
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hmm I miss petsmart. I used to go there all the time like it was my dang grocery store

I'm going to go there this Sunday on my way to Virginia (there isnt' one close to me) and walk out with as many boxes of Papuur as I can carry! I need to stock up for the cats and ferret, they NEED this litter, I need this litter.
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Pan and Blondie love the fur mice, too. We ended up making a bunch of them from a scrap of rabbit fur that we had leftover from mask making. Pan would growl like a wildcat if anyone came near her when she had her "prey"! Max picked one up and brought it to me as a present, with her adorable little "Hey mom, I've caught something for you" meow. Too cute!
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What is so funny is I have toys I bought them from petsmart but they seem to have no interest in them...Rocky loves those little twirly things that come off the milk lid from opening them up..Fluffy has been batting easter eggs around the kitchen floor all day long too..
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Angel zoo you will be happy to know the first ingredient in snowwhites new food is chicken I got her some maxximum nutrition chicken and rice for kittens. It was the only kitten food then had other then speical kitty and iams.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Pan and Blondie love the fur mice, too. We ended up making a bunch of them from a scrap of rabbit fur that we had leftover from mask making. Pan would growl like a wildcat if anyone came near her when she had her "prey"! Max picked one up and brought it to me as a present, with her adorable little "Hey mom, I've caught something for you" meow. Too cute!
i think that is the feral in neo coming out. When ever he has a toy if moe get near him he starts growing but if i go near him he doesn't seem to care.
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I shopping at PetsMart! My Siamese kitties are the store mascots! I usually buy 12 cans of Nutro wet food, some food for the outdoor kitties, some new toys (to add to my other 200 cat toys), vitamins and litter. I go crazy in that store! My kitties are just so spoiled, isn't every cat?
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Princess Purr: That's great! I hope the cats like it and I hope they will do well on it. Glad to see you turned down IAM's.
I too however have fed special kitty.

There's a pile of wet Meow Mix at the bottom of our apartment stairs, and I'm like "oh look, it's wonderful meow mix." my fiance turns to me and says "how can you tell that?!" And I'm just like "hunny... what do I do all day for the past several years?! Sit and stare at cat food!!" lol
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
Princess Purr: That's great! I hope the cats like it and I hope they will do well on it. Glad to see you turned down IAM's.
What's wrong with Iams?
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Tamme: dear, go back and read all the previous IAM'S threads.

Or, just go to PETA's website and see the recent investigations, I personally found the stuff they did previous to be bad enough to persuay me to not buy their's or eukanuba's products ever again.

That and IAM's is very over priced for what you get (IMO).
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I read the first thread but not the second because there was a warning that what they showed was gruesome.

The first thread I read said that the group of people who showed the world what atrocities Iams was allowing, was really an extremist group and don't always get their facts straight.

Don't all major companies do testing of some sort?
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Tamme: No not all major companies... but most Some do animal testing when it comes to "here kitty try out the new food for a taste test" now that isn't BAD, but it's still categorized as animal testing.
There are other facilities who just don't test on the same type of products over and over because we KNOW they can be fatal, so why bother killing more innocent animals over facts we already know, which is basically what happens when you see something that says (not tested on animals.) If you get right down to it, any product has probably once been tested on animals, way back when, you can not escape that.

Now adays its more so a matter of UNNECISSARY KILLINGS.

Yes the IAM's thign is a bit graphic.

I have to say this... PETA, and some other groups do have a bad rap, and sometimes storys get contorted, but this can happen with ANY article from any newspaper, magazine or news station.
Very rarely has PETA been down right wrong about somethign they reported, people get confused about groups like PETA...
I do not agree with all their actions, this is what makes them extremist. BUT their reportings are mostly true.

The 2nd thing we've been talking about IAM'S is some new alligations against their company, and since then are turning out to be true, and the investigation is not over. The recent post I made included their updated findings that not everyone had seen before.
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So.. does Iams do unnecessary killings?
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I would think that all companies do some sort of testing. I think the question would be is it humane testing or just feeding trials. I never did look at the Iams links in the posts either because it would upset me too much. I took all of you guys/gals word for it and wont buy Iams. I did way back when it first became popular along with science diet but both of those brands has since then been surpassed by others for general every day food.
Other than that I love petsmart and petco. I go insane every time i walk in there. I have to resist the cat toys because I know they prefer the milk carton rings any way. And i allways admire the cat furniture!
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Yes! I love Petsmart. Alex came with me when I went to get Luna a carrier, and we spent about an hour in there, just letting me look. As it was, I walked about with more than just the carrier -- a bed to go IN the carrier (so she doesn't sit on the hard plastic) and a couple different types of toys.
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Tamme: I have PM'd you about this, as what I need to say to answer you can not be posted on a thread in this board, I do not want Anne, or myself getting in trouble with any legalities.
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I love petsmart, I go once a week, usually on mondays. Its too crowded on the weekends and they have adoption days too, and it makes it very hard to pass up on looking at the animals. I have 7 cats so I think Im at my limit. I started my kitten out on Nutri Max kitten canned food and he loves it, but I read the authority kitten food can and its almost exactly the same and its 10 cents a can cheaper, so I got a couple of cans to see if he likes it and he does, I may switch over to that gradually. My grown cats only like the fish flavor authority, they wont touch the chicken and rice flavor, soo picky.
I too have bought the maxximum nutrition at walmart and my cats loved it. Angelzoo, I see your from Maryland, my daughter is coming to Baltimore for an anime convention in August, with some friends. Im kind of anxious about them driving all the way to Baltimore from here, but they will have a really good time. Oh well Im getting off the topic of petmart, so I will be quiet now!
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Malynn: an anime convention!! Wowee! I'd go, had I the money, and not hate driving in B-more.

I've made many a long drive along the east coast, specially in this area. Hope your kids have street smarts.
(Doesn't like Baltimore)
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yeah, I think its Otakon, a really big convention there every year. There are a bunch of them going, ages range from 19 to 25. My daughter draws anime and she does some of the badge art and stuff for some of the cons and she is a really good anime artist. I will worry about them though, as always!
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