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Behavior drugs

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What is your opinion on drugs given as a solution to those "unacceptable" cat behavior? Wawa used to be very aggressive towards Buddy and the vet wanted to drug him. I disagreed and after two years of time outs and positive discipline, Wawa now controls himself near Buddy. Ichi - 2 and a half years old - is upset with the new puppy and at the same time strives to become alpha. This resulted to spraying, bullying and going around like something is going to kill him. Again the vet wants to medicate Ichi which for me is not an option. I've given him extra attention and again positive discipline. Hopefully he will settle down. My Joji being a feral, used to bite and attack visitors (human and non-human) but she too changed without drugs.
By the way, I live in Southeast Asia where Feliway and other similar products are not readily available.
And all my cats are fixed.
Thank you.
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Sometimes drugs are appropriate... I advise following your veterinarian's suggestions and I always defer to the vet.

Having said that, I like to try behavior modification first... with vet approval.
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I have always though of the drugs - like Librium, as a temporary thing.

Ie, give that Librium to smooth some of the worst, and parallell work with other ways. For example positive behavior reinforcement as you talk about...

So. As I see it, not either or, but both, so it will go safer and quicker.

However, I agree with you: Librium alone - nay.

Possibly in a emergency state, as an exception which confirms the rule.
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when i moved into my new place my male cat and my doggie just stopped getting along. i didn't use drugs to help ease the problems (and would never use drugs to do that - but that is just ME and i would never want to put my beliefs on someone else - i do use drugs from my vet for medical problems) but what i did use was natural homeopathic remedy drops for anxiety. they are made my homeopet. i just gave them a few drops each day until the stress of the move was gone. i am lucky that i have a naturopathic vet and she is very supportive of my opinions.

so, that is really all that i wanted to add i just wanted to let you know that these drops did help calm them and helped them get along. they are only chamomile and other plant extracts.
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