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My cat has a sore on her nose what is it?

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My 14 yr old cat has a sore on her nose that is growing. It is sort of like a large pimple. Her blood tests are normal. The cell test from the sore show a large infection. I gave her antibiotics and nothing happened. Of the 3 vets that looked at her, none know what it is. All of them want to take it off. She is still eating and still follows me around when I am home. She is 14 yr old and I don't have a lot of money. I am scared if I ok the surgery it will come back or the procedure will be too much for her. Help!
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can you get her to a specialist ??? I know $$ are tight but likely a dermatologist may have an idea
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A cat specialist??? 3 vets have no clue. They have all consulted with the Vet school in Auburn, AL. They are the "experts" She is an American Bobtail and Manx mix, thought maybe something weird with the breed. The cost of the surgery, etc is around $1000. I have no idea what to do.
post #4 of 9 they offer no interest plans which may aid your budget
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Can you post a photo? Thousands of eyes may be better than a dozen!

Good luck with your furry. They are so PRECIOUS at that age.

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Well, having fought a nose problem on a cat for several months now, I can sympathize.

My first wild guess would be feline acne.
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Acne? I doubt it but good try. I will get a picture, but I warn you that thing is like a small planet. I researching different antibiotics. The initial cell test showed a massive infection.
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I'm not understanding this. If I am reading correctly your cat has a very large lump on its nose that has been described to you as a massive infection based on exudate examination under a microscope.

The vast majority of the time, a massive infection that creates a large lump, usually indicates an abscess. If large it needs to be lanced, drained (maybe cultured) and cat on antibiotics. Very common issue in cats.

If it is not an actual abscess but inflamed, infected, individual cells then that would be cellulitis. IV antibiotics are standard treatment. Cellulitis can quickly turn into septicemia and result in death.

Again, with a massive infection the cat should be running a fever and should have an abnormal CBC.

If it is an infection did they culture it (bacterial and fungal culture) to determine what type of organism is present and do a sensitivity to determine which antibiotics or antifungal would kill it? Again, this should be a first line standard practice. Not all antibiotics kill all bacteria and if it is a fungus then no antibiotic is going to work.

If they want to do surgery to remove an actual mass, then I really cannot see how this would be an infection instead of a tumor of some sort, either benign or malignant.

The thing is, even the most inexperienced vet would know these things. So if Auburn vets are stumped it doesn't make any sense.

I too would really like to see a photo of the growth, it is very perplexing based on the descriptions.
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Hi, can you please help me? My cat has a sore on her nose as well.

She is 13 yrs old. This sore only started about 2 weeks ago and has been growing rapidly! The vet did a scrape test on the sore, he was not able to determine the cause and just placed my cat on anibiotics. She is not responding to it at all. The sore, however, is not affecting her eating habits and she does not seem to be in pain either.

Did you end up finding out what is the cause for the sore on your cat's nose? And is your cat completely healed?

Please help!

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