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It's pretty quiet living here most times. I have a dairy farm across the road, quiet neighbors, and a county park up against my back yard. Sometimes in the park, they'll have events like horseshoe tournaments, disc golf tournaments, big picnics; mostly quiet affairs.

But this morning, they are having a huge track meet, with what appears to be 3rd or 4th grade students all the way up to the high school. The cats were all in the outdoor enclosure, watching all the "hoomins" milling about. Then, the first race started; and all the parents started yelling

The whole tribe practically piled through the cat door and made high speed bee lines for their hiding places. I guess that when there are 1000 people yelling, you must have made a really big nowyourintrouble!
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Oh my goodness, those poor kitties!
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LOL, poor tribe. Bet they could outpace any of the kids!
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Have they ventured back out yet?

I can just imagine all of them trying to get through at the same time.
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I never thought about what sporting event noises would do to the pets.

Do you know how many crack-of-dawn, day-long swim meets I have been to? I really identify with the cats.
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Where are cameras when you need one!?
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