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Why does my cat always sit where it hurts?

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I swear my cat has injury radar!

I have bad orthopedic problems and it seems my cat always sits where it hurts and PURRS REALLY loudly its like he thinks his LOUD PURRING will make the pain go away.

Every time I have come home from the hospital after surgery he sniffs me then hops up on the couch with me and proceeds to SIT ON THE INCISION and purr like there is no tomorrow.

If my knee hurts then he sits there and purrs if my hip hurts he sits there and purrs if I burn my hand cooking he will sit on that too!

Does anyone know why?

I mean its sweet and all but having a 12 pound cat sit on where it hurts the most isn't fun at all.

Also, he FREAKS out of I take a bath. He's ok with me taking a shower...but if I go to take a bath he FREAKS out and wont stop meowing. Usually I have to open the bathroom door and then he proceeds to meow until I push the shower curtain out of the way so he can see I'm just in the bath tub. then I place the curtain back and he will acutally jump up on the tub and sit on the side as I take my bath. again...does anyone know why?
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Perhaps he's afraid you may drown? Seeing as how most cats don't like water--he sees you setting in lots of water and fears for your safety? Just be happy he sits on the side of the tub--mine gets in the tub with me...yes, you read that right, with me.

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His intentions are good. Bless him.
If you don't want him on your injuries, you can hiss and say NO. He will not be offended or hurt.
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I've heard that the vibrations of a cats purr aid in healing bones, boosting immune systems, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress. Maybe your cat senses that you are in pain and is just trying to help??
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Thanks for the replies!

You know i think you are right...that he is trying to help....

its really weird...because after surgery I would often wake up and find him either trying to LICK the surgical site OR my favorite (and this made me laugh for awhile and I still get a giggle when I think of it) he sniffed my stitches...and then proceeded to try and pull them out! Like...hey mom those aren't supposed to be there!!

I had a friend over last night and he spent the WHOLE night glued to my side and she commented on how much this cat loves me...
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