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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Nice sunny day here a bit chilly this morning but is suppose to warm up to about 18C this afternoon so that not bad..

Typical Saturday for me heading off to work in a bit..Going to spend most of the day cleaning out my files and such.

Have to do some shopping after work, been putting it off for a few days but have to do it today for sure..Drugstore, Petstore, head over to Walmart to pick up a few items they have on special and the Farmer's market..

The kitties have all decided they want to sleep their Saturday morning away and are all in my bed snoozing..Lucky kitties..

Everyone have a good one
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Going to get off my butt in a few and clean house today. Must start going through the stuff in my spare room so that I can get ready for a yard sale AND find my Christmas decorations! Between the Secret Santa here and the fact that mom had me making up Christmas arrangements Wednesday at her shop, I'm already in the Christmas mood, lol!
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I was up early as Bakker was up early!!

Got the newspapers read, made a batch of scones and will be priming more boards as Neil buys more lumber. Then several hours hanging boards and hopefully can get outside and start digging potatoes and pulling some onions and weeding!!

If not too windy I would like to cook outside tonite.

Bakker is confined to quarters today as he was stubborn last night and didn't want to be found outside in the dark.
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Yard work for me as well today! It is beautiful here in my part of Wisconsin, cool and sunny. Got to finish my coffee though, and pry myself off the computer.
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I'm going to an awesome craft fair with my mom and sisters! its a yearly tradition. I need to go so I can get my supply of Raspberry Hard Apple Cider for the fall

Also, since everyone is meeting at my place in a few short hours...I am cleaning my apartment, playing with the cats who are super hyper this morning, and making chocolate chip pancakes.

Everyone have a great day!
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I have many things I could be doing today but I don't know how many(if any) of them will be done today...

I should:

*Do my Advanced Calculus homework(haven't started yet and should take about 4-6 hours and its due Monday).

*Finish my physics lab write up for my group because I won't be able to make it to our scheduled meeting time.

*Re-write the thesis statement for a paper I am writing on Borderline Personality Disorder.

*Update my schedual because I just got more hours at work.

*Pick up the apartment

*Go get food(I have money again)

*Vaccume the living room

*Do the dishes

*Clean out tom's litter box

And I was supposed to meet with friends at 11:30 to play football and then have a bible study but I don't think I am going to go. There is also a hayride and bonfire tonight with the same group of people but again I don't think I am going to go.

I don't think much on that chore list is going to get done either...I don't have the motivation this morning. I really should at least get food and supplies for the apartment now that I have the money.
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I have all the windows open and candles lit so I can move some air through the house while I am cleaning today. I am also going to make a double recipie of potato soup (thank goodness for my giant stockpot!)
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Gonna fire up the hot rod and go to an autism benefit. After noon, we may go to a balloon fest in Plano, or a number of other events, shows, etc.
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Headed over to the family that our church is helping. They are adding on a room to their home. Its almost done; basically the roofing and putting on Tyvek for now is needed. So we should be done by late afternoon.

Then we may go food shopping; if not today then tomorrow after church
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Busy day! We have a rental car to pick up. I have to go to lab to transfer some specimens to a different solution and set up a PCR. Then we are going to one of my favourite places - IKEA! Followed by Costco, and the West Edmonton Mall (shoes we ordered came in). We are taking the new kitten to the vet for a wellness check, and after that I am meeting up with my friend Erin who moved to Calgary but is in town, for dinner at the Olive Garden, followed by a movie (Im hoping Burn After Reading...I love George Clooney!)
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I'll be finishing painting/scraping/washing and putting my storm windows back on. The cat boxes got washed out already and are drying in the sun. I might put a little accent paint on the porch if I feel like it and hopefully I'll talk the neighbor kid into helping me move the couch out of my living room that has been sitting there for ages since we got a new (new used) couch. Oh, and Im pretty sure Ill be diging up my dahlias today. Whew!
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Today we are going to the annual Art and Wine Festival in my city. It is always fun! Parking is always a problem so DH and I are planning to go after my salsa class, have lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, which is within walking distance of one end of the festival, and leave the car there. They won't mind because we go there every week or every other week.

Other than that, just cleaning the birds' cages and playing with Butzie.
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Good afternoon. Cool and cloudy here today. Today is the first day all week we're doing absolutly nothing. My brother, Sister-in-law and Dog-in-law left for home early this morning and my sister returns from vacation tonight so Mom and I have the whole day to ourselves.
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Well, what I would LIKE to do and what I WILL do may be 2 different things! It is such gorgeous Fall weather here (my fave season), and I would like to do some Fally-things, such as canning, or decorating the front porch, etc. The reality: sitting around, awaiting the call for when DH needs help installing 2 windows. We started the one last Sunday, but ran into problems. (It started leaking during Tropical Storm Hanna a few weeks ago. I was on the phone, and saw Willi staring at the ceiling. Thought he saw a bug, Nope. He was drinking the water coming down!).

We will hopefully do our usual Saturday dinner out tonight, maybe sit in Barnes & Noble, and read (we love to do that; we have dessert & coffee/tea in the cafe).
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Lazy day for us! We drove up to NC last night and got here around 1:15am. Didn't roll out of bed until 11:30am. Just made "brunch" I guess you could say, and now it's time to relax!

We'll probably just hang around the house and watch tv, read, whatever. We definitely need a rejuvenation weekend! Then tonight my mom will be cooking vodka penne I believe. Either that or pork loin/eye of the round (she didn't tell us which one, but both are amazing)

My mom left me a note to clean stuff out of my old drawers and cabinets, so I'll probably get on that later too.
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Went garage saling this morning, got some fantastic bargains. Lot's of clothes for my grand daughter. Did some grocery shoping. Ordering pizza for dinner, DH is out picking up a movie now, probably shouldn't let him go by himself, I'm sure we will be watching someone or someting getting blown up.
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I am busy working. lol...

We did adopt out bearded dragon. I am so happy we got him a home. Someone abandoned him in our parking lot. But I loved him, and now he has a good home.
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Work- depending on how I feel. I also have my first two exams Monday so I need to study and get ready for those.
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Curses and foul mutterings! I did get a bit of what I wanted to do done this morning and early afternoon, but what started out as a wee bit of a sore throat this morning has turned into a full blown allergy I feel like crap!
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy View Post
Curses and foul mutterings! I did get a bit of what I wanted to do done this morning and early afternoon, but what started out as a wee bit of a sore throat this morning has turned into a full blown allergy I feel like crap!
I feel for you on that one, I started getting a sinus headache about 1 and by the time I got home it was getting pretty bad..I took some Dristan about 1/2 hour ago and am going to lay down in a few minutes to see if I can get rid of it..Hopefully if I nap for a bit that will help get rid of it..
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I cleaned house a good while today (vaccumed, etc). Right now i'm just sitting down for a little while (about to have dinner.) I'm not feeling so great today (my heart rate keeps going nuts) so i'm just going to rest for a while.
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