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My cat found out today that while you can SEE through glass, you CAN"T run through it to catch a squirrel. She is fine, a big *thunk* when her noggin hit the window, but she is OK. Hissed at me, lol, hey, Im not the one that just ran into a window!
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She hissed at you for witnessing her indignity!
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I am sure she just wanted to test if the glass is strong enough to keep the squirrel away.
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She hissed at you because you put that stupid window in between her and the squirrel that she planned to present to you for dinner because, of course, you are a terrible hunter.

Better not put an owl decal on the window so that outside birds don't fly into it. Otherwise, she'll be bashing her head into the window to catch that big bird. Yum, yum! What a meal for mom!
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LOL, yep, Im a bad hunter. And I FEED the things, how dare I???
She is not the greatest hunter either, oh, she thinks she is, she has been laughed at by lot of birds. I only let her out supervised by me, very relaxing getting up every 30 seconds to go get the cat out of the bushes (chipmunks live there) Good thing is if she did get away from me somehow, everyone on the lake here knows eachother and their pets. Had a neighbors doggie come visit the other night, it was quite the starring contest between him and the cat (safe in the house)
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Ha ha ha once my dog did that he saw a cat and ran at the glass door he didn't hurt himself but it was so funny
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Since cats are masters of the "I meant to do that" look, she's probably annoyed that she couldn't fool you.
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Oh Indeed! She is not the most graceful of cats, it makes me laugh. I remind her that she is in fact a cat, and should be able to jump on things without falling off. She gives me a curt meow and walks away.
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Naughty meowmy for putting that glass window in her way of prey catching!

Just kidding!
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