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Enrichment for a blind cat

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Habanero, our tuxedo cat, went blind about a year ago. She's about 14 years old, so she has a good mental image of the house and gets around quite well.

My real concern is how to enrich her life. I haven't found an effective way of playing with her, so she's fairly lethargic, even for a cat. Megabyte, our 17 year old, will play a bit, and Feather, our active 12 year old, loves to play. She'll quickly horn in on any game.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to stimulate Habanero? She gets cat treats, lots of lap time, and plenty of time sleeping on me, but I really think she needs more.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Bells on a string, balls with bells or other sounds inside.
There was a fuzzy mouse that would run on batteries, a bit noisy. Look for something remote control.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Habanero will sometimes attack my shoe laces if I tickle her whiskers with them. She gets frustrated if she can't catch and hold them.

I don't think the RC mouse would work. We bought one once and it scared the bejabbers out of all of them. Father likes to ambush Habanero, so Habanero is pretty spooky about anything that runs into her.

Keep those good ideas coming!
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My Damita was blind. She still managed to chase wand toys, etc....but really liked crinkle balls & noisy bell toys.
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Awwww, bless her little heart. How about adding bells to a wand then go in and out of a cardboard box with holes cut in it so she can reach her little paw inside to feel for it. A brown paper bag with a toy making scratching sounds inside would probabally intice her too.

playtime vibes coming your way Habanero.
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