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Saturday's DT

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Good Morning,what are we going to do today?I am going out and get my stuff for my Pen Pal!It is going to be so neat!! Then I am going to go to the store Pepsi is on sale for $1.99 a 12 pack!!!savings of $2.00 !Then I better clean my house.Everyone has a good day,Happy Easter!!
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Hippy, hoppy, easter's on it's way. YEEEAAAHHH!
Today we're going to take my nephews to see the bunny at the mall and get photos, even if I'm crippled. I hear u can rent a wheel chair, I will be alittle embarssed but anything for the children.Then when we return home, all of us will color eggs and get sick on eating to much candy. It should be a nice day, and I hope everyone elses is as well.
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Bill should be starting breakfast, soon. I slept until 8:30 - haven't done that in a long time.

Today is WalMart day - cat food, hairball medicine and a wading pool for the dogs. Oh, yeah - my favorite cookies, too!
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I am done for the day already. I finished laying new sod on my lawn this morning. After 4 hours of work yesterday and another 2 1/2 today, this project is finally completed. It's nice to have a lawn again, but there isn't a muscle in my body that doesn't ache. What a workout!
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Hot bubble bath time!!
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I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get back out of the tub. I opted for a shower instead.
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Finally a day of no rain! We are going to go visit Mom in a few- then come home and tackle the blackberry bushes that are taking hold in our front yard. And we thought we killed them all last year! These darn things are indestructable.

Whisp is now inside the house- she basically hides under the china cabinet, but she came in on her own the other night and hasn't left. Kabota recently got his freedom as well and he is out in the back now laying in the sun. I know he hated his captivity, but his paw has pretty much healed and he is very much back to normal.

I think we are ready for the knife show, we have over 300 knives to sell this year. The show is the first weekend in May.

Well the sun beckons me outside- everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend- may we have Peace on all levels!
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Happy Easter (or whatever you celebrate), everyone, and watch that you don't eat TOO much candy! Our cat has already stolen his first hardboiled egg this Easter - a purple one. He usually seems to prefer hot pink.
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MA! How can you get rid of the blackberry bushes???? I bet the berries taste wonderful!
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Wow, it's been forever since I posted to a DT! Life has been super busy lately, but it seems like nothing is going on. Does that make any sense?

Just another weekend for us. I am working on a bunch of stuff, but mainly a new and improved Save Samoa site. I am so happy to be working with Laurie on this. (Shameless plug: If you have a heartwarming rescue story that you would like to share, contact us at admin@savesamoa.org )

Avalanche are getting beat by the referees today. They are getting called for everything and the Wild can mug our guys and get away with it. This is the one part of the playoffs I hate - when the ref's decide before the game who is going to win.
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Today is my first day back at work. Ugh! 'Mondays' are always horrible, no matter what day of the week you start on.

I have redone my husbands resume and actually made my first cover letter for him. My MIL was so impressed, she asked me to do her husbands. I had one look at it and went "yikes!". no wonder Ed doesn't get many job offers! Holy Old School Bat Man! He even has his birth date on there! I'm surprised he didn't put "Good Christian". Doesn't he know that you're not supposed to put anything on a resume that could be discriminated against??? Jeez.

So it's a big job, but somebody's got to do it. I estimate it'll take me a few days if I stick to it.

Oh! Tigger burnt her tail the other day! She was sitting on the table as per usualy as I eat, begging for scraps and I had totally forgotten that there were tealights on the table. Well she sits there, flipping her tail back and forth in the flames. I don't know what made me look, but I looked over and her whole tail was in flames! I grabbed her tail and blew out the flames. Then carried her over to the sink and Darrell helped me wash off all the burnt hair. Luckily only the top coat was burned and the undercoat is still there. You can barely tell that she was burned.

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Not much is happening today for me. Alex is at work. It's my birthday tomorrow, so my mom is having a birthday/Easter dinner for me/everyone at her place tomorrow evening. Should be fun.

Alex and I had a bunch of people of last night, I guess it was a birthday party for me, but not really. He got me a cake, though. So, I'm very tired, since we were all up SO late last night, LOL. Whew! Hope everyone has a good Saturday.
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I talked my husband into getting better cat food (solid gold) because so many people here recommended it. We live in a little town, though, and had to drive to Las Vegas, so that took up our morning and early afternoon.

Not much outside of vacuming and laundry planned for today. I'm thinking a nice bath and a good book would hit the spot!
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