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Define "trouble" please

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I figured if anyone would appreciate this, it would be you guys.

Last night when I'm cooking dinner my DH comes running in the house and yells, "Come down to the barn, we've got trouble."

I've got stuff boiling and frying all over the stove, so I ask, "Right now?"

He yells, "Turn it off, we've got TROUBLE," and out the door he goes.

I'm thinking one of the big animals broke a leg, the barn collapsed, maybe a car drove through the fence... Well, here is what the trouble turned out to be.

After I was just patting myself on the back the other day for getting through kitten season without coming across anymore road kittens, etc, there they were. A visit to the vet today confirmed they were wormy, flea infested and had ear mites, but other than that they are quite friendly. I thank whoever left them for doing such a good job socializing them. Yes, thank you. And did I mention they're all girls, about 6 weeks old per the vet.

So, there you have it. Along with my other fourteen cats, and one stray that I can't catch who lives in the woodshed... three more. And there you have the definition of trouble.
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Ooooh, they're trouble all right...
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They are all adorable.

Thank you for caring for these lost little ones.
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That's the most adorable trouble I've ever seen
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But there so Cute, just look at them and tell them NO, I dare you to try!
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Originally Posted by Cinder View Post
Trouble, Calamity and Mischief! 3 adorable little things! And bless your heart for vetting them and taking such obvious good care of them!
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Trouble, Calamity and Mischief! 3 adorable little things!
Those are good names. We just talked about it and thought maybe Chloe, River and Fiona... from some television shows we like. I hate to name them though, cause... well, they're easier to give up when they're just "the kittens". Not really.

The shy one that was hard to catch finally showed me her tummy and purred. Trouble, yep, with a capital T.
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But look at those sweet little faces!!! Makes me go all smushy woshie it does!
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Uh-oh! BIG trouble!
They are so adorable Thank God your husband found them and someone left them where they knew they`d get help. Your a star
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loads of fun trouble, kittens are amazing bless their little cotton sock someone very helpful has found them
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I'd like to have that kinda trouble on my hands
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OHMIGOSH!!! So sweeeeeet!!!

Ooh, yeah. I see mischief in their eyes. They look very healthy and not shy at all!

Good job!
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post
I'd like to have that kinda trouble on my hands
me too! and i wholeheartedly agree with the others, you are an angel for taking these babies in.
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I'd like to have that kind of trouble.
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For all of you who'd like to have this kind of trouble, I'd like to give it to you!

So far I've had no success in finding help to place them. The nokill shelter never called me back, so I tried again today. When I finally got an actual person to speak to she gave me numbers of other shelters in different cities to try. I went to the humane society over the weekend and asked if they knew of any other agencies I could contact, and of course they gave me the number of the one I originally called. I won't take them to the humane society, not ever, never, but they did give me some good spay/neuter info. Their discount program is for people on public assistance, which I'm not, but they said that since they weren't my cats and I was making an effort to place them, they can be flexible. Good news, cause like I told the shelter worker...every cent I spend on those kittens takes away from what I can spend on my own. The tech at the clinic who has good contacts comes back to work tomorrow, so I'm hopeful she might have a few leads.

And while I'm at it...a short rant. I have a small retail store and am constantly giving merchandise to the nokill shelter's thrift store. I convince other merchants to give me donations and take them in too. I don't expect any special treatment, but I've had to contact them twice now, always with the same response. Sorry...full. If you have provided the cats with veterinary care, indicate your willingness to foster them, etc... you go right to the bottom of the list. Well, not actually the bottom of the list, you don't even make the list. End rant. Anyway, they girls are doing very well. They are the messiest cats I've ever seen. Every day I put them in a carrier and clean the cage out. Five minutes later it looks like hurricane Ike hit it.

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