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behaviour question...i need some help!

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hello every1. this is my first post and its kind of an emergency. i want to know before i take my cat to the vet and spend a whole ton of $$$ for services. i want to know if i can take care of it myself...

i have 1 cat(5yrs old) and she had a litter of 4 kittens(1yr old) and i have noticed a recent change in behaviour. first of all, the mother cat is not spayed and lately she has been showing increased aggression towards her babies. she hisses, growls and even attacks them. her growling sounds like a motorcycle engine! no lies. everytime one of the kittens comes near, she wants to attack. i dont know what to do. lately i have just been keeping her separate from them and giving the mom more attention and care. does anyone know if this is familiar at all? your help and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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If she is not spayed, I am assuming her kittens are not spayed. All of them need to be ASAP. They are probably trying to mate.

Do you need to be directed to a low cost spay/neuter program in your area? This so very important to have this done, not just for the cat population but also for their health.
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Agression is a big problem in cats that have not been fixed. My mama cat mellowed out BIG time after she was spayed. I would get them all spayed/neutered right away if I were you. I think the mother cat is trying to get the kittens out of her territory. Get her spayed so she wont be so territorial.
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Agree with the others. Everyone needs to be neutered and spayed now. You will have a lot of happier cats. If any of her kittens are males, I'm surprised you don't have a houseful of kittens.

Cats allowed to go in and out of heat a lot and not bred, risk higher percent of cancers and pyrometria (infection of the uterus). That could be your mother cat's problem and she can died from pyro quickly.
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First of all, congratulations!!!
second of all, I really think you should take your mom cat to the vet, and of course, neuter her, before she will hurt her kittens...
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they area all females. all 5 of them. i think getting them spayed is the best decision. its going to cost me alot, but i gotta do it.

thanks for the tips every1
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I have to say I totally agree with the spaying route, they will all be much happier once done and it will actually work out cheaper to spay them than to not and then run into a whole host of other issues down the line. I hope it all goes well and congrats!!
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