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Carl is Missing!/He's home!

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I haven't been on here in a bit, because life has been so very hectic...

But I rescued a feral kitten about two months ago. He has since become the most loving, dear, amazing little kitty I've ever met. He and my older guy get along famously, and we're all a bit happy family.

Today, Carl bolted out the door. K-Pants followed him. We were able to get Pants back inside... he froze with fear and Jess grabbed him. He is safe and sound. Carl is still missing.

This happened about 10:45am. It's now approaching 3. He's been spotted by me, my neighbors, and my roommate. He is close to home, but he runs when approached.

We originally caught him using a live trap. I have since set the trap with his favourite food (along with some super smelly stuff.) I lined the inside of the trap with a pillowcase he likes to sleep on, and I rubbed Pants with a towel and put it over the trap. I also took some litterbox "items" and placed them in an aluminum pan outside, near where I want him to be but not near the trap or food, in the hopes that these smells will attract him home.

I have called the SPCA and alerted them. I also let my neighbors know.

Can I please have some "come home" vibes for Carl? TCS vibes helped me trap him the first time; I'm hoping they'll be as magical the second time around.

I am just beside myself, and so is Jess. Pants is clearly confused and misses his friend.
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Carl, you come home right now young man.
Your family is very worried about you.
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Vibes sent for Carl's safe return.
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Sending lots and lots of TCS prayers and vibes for Carl to return very soon
And some calming vibes for you - if Carl senses any kind of panic in you, he will continue to bolt away, although that's much easier said than done

Please keep us posted !
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Sending Vibes to Carl to come home ASAP!!!
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Oh No ..... sending HUGE vibes that your baby boy comes home soon!
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Carl! Go home! Right now!

Lots of vibes for his safe return!
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Thinking about you, and hoping Carl comes home!

Look for him, quietly with a flashlight at night - his eyes should flash even if he's hiding.
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Sending more vibes for Carl to come home. Please, Carl, come home.
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Adventure over. Mom is not amused. Get home right now Carl!!!:vi bes:
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Carl, you go home this instant! This is not funny anymore!

Kaete: I read all sorts of lost pet stories and I've lost pets myself, so I know the heartache. But I'm not worried about Carl. He is staying close to home and as a former stray, he's just out for a little adventure. I took in a feral a while ago also and she has escaped a few times and disappeared for DAYS. It was horrible and I hardly slept, worrying about where she was and if she was hungry. And just when I am convinced that we will never see her again, she comes wandering back like 'hey, what's the big deal?'. I know you're stressed but Carl WILL be back. Promise.
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and i'm sending tons and tons of come home carl and big for you and jess.

thank goodness pants reacted the way he did and jess was able to grab him. it's bad enough having one missing cat.
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Poor Kpants. He missing his pal.
:vi bes:
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Sending lots of prayers and good vibes that Carl comes home soon!
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This might be a very stupid idea.....

Could you put Pants in a carrier and take him outside and sit with him? Maybe he'd meow (my cats usually do in carriers, loudly) and Carl would hear and come to him?

Carl, get your *** back home!
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Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and vibes!

I haven't been able to log on in a couple of days, but I want you to know that Carl is home safe and sound.

About 11pm the day he went missing, I was standing in the kitchen, and I thought I saw him at the living room window. I went silently around to the porch, but he was nowhere to be seen. I did notice that the food my neighbor had set out had been disturbed, so I knew I wasn't going crazy

I shut Pants in the bedroom, and I took out the screen in the living room window. I opened the window just wide enough for him to get through, and I left a trail of food leading into the house. When Jess got home around 11:30pm, she and I walked into the kitchen... and the little was sitting on the living room floor like nothing had happened.

He got a stern talking to and lots of love I told him his adventuring days are OVER.
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yay! that is wonderful news!

good old TCS vibes work their magic again! you, jess and pants must be over the moon at having your little wanderer back home safe and sound.
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Allright! Glad to hear he's back and safe.
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That's wonderful news.
You better behave yourself from now on Carl.
While you were out having a good time your family was worried sick
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Wonderful news!!
Sending vibes that Carl stays in from now on
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I don't sign on over the weekend and look what I miss!

Carl, you are so naughty! Enough scaring your entire family, they don't like it! You just be good and stay home and enjoy your love.

So glad he came back again! Silly boy, he thinks he can just come and go. Luckily, he knows how lucky he is to have you guys and came back like a good boy.
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What fantastic news!!!
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Very clever idea you had.
I think he needed to see one more time why being at home was so much better. I doubt he will roam again.
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