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Man on the Moon

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I have a friend who buys into the conspiracy theory that the US never landed anyone on the Moon during the Apollo program and that the entire thing was staged. I am an avid believer in astronauts landing on the Moon.

What do YOU think?
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I think they landed! How could that be faked?
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How do all these weird theories get started? My current favorite is that Saddam is in Washington, D.C.. That rumor is apparently making the rounds in the Arab world.
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Well, supposedly it was all filmed somewhere. There is a website that gives all the "evidence". I'll have to see if I can dig it up. To me Apollo 13 is a BIG reason as to why the whole thing was real. If NASA and the government were perpetrating a hoax, then why in the heck would they stage a near-fatal disaster? If they wanted the US to look good, ALL the missions would have gone off without a hitch.
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Good point!!
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Here's a site that details the hoax:

Moon Hoax

And NASA's answer to some of the evidence:

NASA Response
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Thank you!!
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NASA's response is satisfactory, IMO.
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I also believe that the moon landings actually happened. It's so sad that time has to be spent debunking theories like this, and the Holocaust Revisionists.

Another good site that debunks the conspiracy arguement. It's also just a fun site to explore:

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There's a group called the "Man Will Never Fly Society" and they insist that airplanes, helicopters and space travel don't happen, either. I believe that they're more tongue-in-cheek, though.
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I believe we landed on the moon. Especially in view of the recent space shuttle disaster, why make up something like that? Or Apollo 13, as already mentioned. I'll have to check out those links, though.
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I dont think that landed on the moon.. Don't ask Me why.. But that's what I think Sam
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