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Best way to advertize kittens for good homes?

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I'm not sure this is the place to post this, but none of the other forums seemed to fit either.

Around the middle of July I took in a stray kitten who happened to be pregnant. She had her babies August 23, and now I'm looking for new homes for three kittens, or possibly three kittens and a mother cat. I will have them all spayed/neutered and their first shots by the end of October and would like to have homes for them the first part of November

I don't want to put up signs advertising free kittens because you never know who you'll get. Also, they're not exactly free. I was thinking of asking for $25-30 each to help defray the cost of neutering and shots.

I could use ideas for the best place(s) to advertise and how to word the ad. Should I ask for references? Can I specify that they only go to homes where they would not be declawed?
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Mods, thanks for moving this.
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I took in a prego stray a while back and she went into labor while my (then) 3rd grade son was in school. I called the school and ran over to get him early so he could watch the births. The teacher told him to pack up his things because his cat was having kittens.

Well, I had no idea how much kitten advertising this little action would generate. I started getting calls that same day from mothers of kids at the school saying they were in the market for a kitten. We had so much interest that we got to be picky about where the kittens went and found awesome responsible homes for all of them.

So I would recommend putting up flyers at an elementary or middle school. We have always had pets, even when our kids were babies. But in talking to so many other families I learned that many want to wait until their kids are older to get pets (to teach the kids responsibility and all that).

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I really don't have suggestions on how to advertise the kittens. However, I think that once you have found homes for them you should get in contact with the new owners several times to make sure the kittens are adjusting to their new homes and the owners don't have any questions or problems.

BTW, I think $25 - $30 is a very reasonable asking price.
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Originally Posted by Lorie D. View Post
BTW, I think $25 - $30 is a very reasonable asking price.
Yeah. Dont give away these kittens for free. For many people free = worthless.

If you feel uncomfortable asking payment, let the money go to Red Cross or Amnesty International or a good cat shelter...

Effective way is to ask among your own relatives and friends. And let them ask their friends and relatives.

If you get more places then you need, and they seem acceptable - there are always more cats who need a good adoption place...
Take down the name and telephon number.
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We always have a lot of luck advertising ours in our local pet store (the small locally owned one not the chain ones for some reason)
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure how effective some of them will be.

Most of my family live too far away--and they've already turned down my offer of kittens. Can't figure out why.

I've put out some feelers among my friends at church but so far nobody has expressed an interest.

I live in a small town--no pet store that I know of. Maybe I could put a notice up at the feed store where I get my cat food.

I volunteer once a week in the music department at the middle school and high school. Maybe I should take some pictures in the next time I go. I'll bet a lot of the kids would like to have a kitten. Just have to get the moms on board with the idea.
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Once my neighborhood knew I had kittens they flocked over. Word of mouth is good and pictures are always good. 25 to 35 is cheap in my book. But since you live in a small town and the economy being what it is...Perhaps you can throw in an incentive like if you find the kitten is not a match then you will take them back.
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Maybe post some pictures? You might find a suitable home from someone on TCS. I, and I'm sure many others, are often tempted by these (unfortunately I have reached the two cat limit though)... And most people here are against declawing.
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Try Craigslist. Explain in your post that they are the result of a stray you took in and post lots of cute pictures.

Kittens are cute but there are a zillion that need homes.

You could try contacting local cat rescues and humane societies, explain that you took in a stray and see if they will post a courtesy listing for you on
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