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New cat intro...

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OK I am new to the boards here, I have been reading the forms on Multi cat homes, I have printed off the .pdf (Thank you). I would like to share my experience, and hope to get some pointers. Until recently we have had a one cat home.We call her Kiza (Russian I think for Kitty) she is a 3 year old spay female,indoor cat only. she was a rescued kitty from birth, raised with our Boxer, Elvis. Elvis is no longer in the picture. With that said we have recently been adopted by a stray kitty, Seems to be an unfortunate product of a home forecloser near us. We had noticed this Kitten ~1.5 years old had not eaten in quite sometime and had been in several fights, was beaten up pretty badly. My wife and I began to feed it and monitor her. We noticed she had been declawed...No wonder she was beaten up. We took her to the Vet and got her some medicine etc.. Well have brought the new kitty (Q-tip) in to the home and Kiza is not having it. We have gone through most of the processes Over a 4-5 day period, we attempted the formal meet and great over the last two days. When we first let Q-Tip out from the carrier, there was some hissing, growling etc...Kiza followed her around, both keeping a save distance, We did not drag this on too long, we seperated and went about normal business. The second day we did the same process, actually we thought it was going well. They laid on different ends of the couch slept and groomed, not paying attention to each other. Q-Tip got down from the couch went over to where Kiza's food was and begain eating it, we though this would not be a problem, as kiza used to share food with our dog. At first Kiza was fine, just kind of looked at Q-tip like Oh well? THEN IT HAPPENED! Th growling, Hissing, and Stalking came in to play from Kiza, out of nowhere. Q-tip tried to go for the food a second time, Kiza attacked. Of course Q-tip retreated and Kiza chased. Q-Tip ran to her safe room with Kiza and i in high pursuit. I could here Q-Tip screaming...I with waterbottle in hand broke up the fight...No injuries, But I had concern as Q-Tip has no way of defending herself. OK I chalked this one up to "Territorial" over food. We seperated and tried again to introduce last night, Giving treats, petting interacting with both kitties. All was going well, then out of nowhere Kiza just pounced on Q-tip, without warning to me, Beat the Crud out of her (It seemed)...again no injuries just a lot of noise. They are seperated again. Q-tip has spent the last week off and on while I am at work in her secluded safe room. as Kiza roams the rest of the house. Today we rotated. we put Kiza in our master bedroom and left Q-tip out to roam. I just though it was not fair to leave Q-tip secluded in a room all day. We will see when we get home. I am starting again from square one. What am I doing wrong? Why is Kiza "Attacking?"
...Please any thoghts would be appreciated.

Thank you to all.
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Yes... slow down!!!
It can take a month or longer to properly introduce a new cat to the resident cat.
Try following the steps I outlined in the .pdf and it's very important to take it slow and gradual. Remember... you are on Cat Time... which means that introductions can take longer then what we would like.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Marilyn Thanks for the advice, we are taking it slow it has been another week and it seems we are always reverting back to square one. Kisa is an angry kitty. We have the two seperated by a moutain of gates in our doorway, They have no issue eaiting near each other (with the gates between) or even laying on the floor. But if Q-Tip makes any fast moves, Kisa charges the gate in a hissy fit. I agree we are on kitty time. But Sheesh, Kisa is definetely trying to lay down the law. We have been continuing to alternate them as we go to work. One day Kisa stays out and Q-tip in her "Safe Room". and then we rotate Kisa into our Master room, Where she stays alot anyway. It does not seem fair to keep Q-tip locked up for so many hours in a day. However, her alternative is probably worse...."Can't We All Just get along?"
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