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Home Again Microchip

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I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this but....

When I adopted Shermie a year ago, I got him microchipped w/ HomeAgain. I didn't have to pay anything for it for the first year. Then, I got a letter asking me to renew my HomeAgain microchip for $9.99, which comes with Medical Insurance coverage if your pet is lost.

Does anybody know if this is necessary? Does it mean that the microchip won't work if I don't renew the subscription? What does that mean for Luna, who got microchipped with 24PetWatch (I think)? ...I haven't done anything to renew her microchip in all the years i've had her....

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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The chip will still work to identify the cat if it's ever lost. If you don't pay the fee, you just don't get the other services that HomeAgain offers.

I have experienced this when one of my cats actually did get lost, ended up at a shelter, and her chip still worked fine even though I had not paid for their annual service. Good for you for getting your kitties chipped. Microchips work!!!!
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When I got my kitties micro-chipped, I called up HomeAgain to verify that the initial fee covers permanent registration, including the ability to update my contact information and the pets' information at homeagain.com. The annual fee is only for additional services.

24PetWatch: You could take Luna to a vet or shelter and ask them to scan her to determine the type of microchip and the microchip#. Then you could contact 24PetWatch to verify that she's registered, and see if they'll let you update the information.
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