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Daily Thread Sept 19th

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Morning All!!!!

Looks like I am the first to arrive this morning so guess I'll take care of the daily thread...

Sunny and very chilly here today..Fall is definitely moved in to stay.

Heading off to work in a bit, have a early meeting so am hoping the early start means I can sneak out earlier this afternoon.

Nothing special planned for tonight..Still very tired so will most likely just make it an early night..

The kitties are good this morning, squirrel watching right now..

Everyone have a good day
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Good morning!

Thansk for starting the thread! I just wonder where everyone else is! It must be Friday and every one took the day off.

Despite my long, horrible week, I am just SO infinitely happy today is FRIDAY!!! Makes me very happy.

Dealing with really stupid things at work, especially my tenants. I can tell the economy is down because my tenants are getting REALLY stupid... But I don't think I'll deal with them in person much today, don't want to ruin my good mood!!

Still house sitting, so didn't get to see my kitties this morning. Did see them last night, though! The dogs I'm watching must've heard a squirel in the yard about 3:30 AM this morning, because they flipped out. What a way to wake up! Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well after that...

Today we have plans to go out to TGI Fridays with some friends. I love that place! And besides, it's very appropriate today. TGIF!!

Everyone have a very happy Friday!!
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Hello all!!

Started working early again so I could finish early!!
By 7 am I had 2 loads of laundry hung outside and a bunch of boards primed.

Off to two clients. The second one well their corporate office and one of the plants takes up a good three block stretch which was partially closed due to road maintenance.
I could not believe the amount of vehicles including semi's that ignored the sign and had to turn around!

Stopped at greenhouse and stuffed about $250 worth of mums/ kale/flowering cabbage/asters and rudbeckia in the car-no room left just enough for me and I couldn't see out of rear view mirror or right side mirror (oops)!

Relaxing for a bit then off to prime more boards for hanging tonite.

Its a very warm (78F) late summer day sunny and windy too. Cooler temps return tomorrow though.

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Evening everyone!

I had a pretty good day today. This morning I woke up and made some food for me and DH to eat. Then he went out to run a few errands while I cleaned up a bit around the house. After he got back we just hung out for a while.

Tonight we went out to a really yummy local pizzaria and ordered a pizza to go (They're amazing Chicago style ones -they're sooo yummy! We had to wait about an hour though before it'd be ready so we went out and got some milkshakes at a little place called Sheridan's nearby (and I had like 4 lactaid pills with mine) and then we went to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients I needed for stew i'm making tomorrow. When we were done with our errands we picked up our pizza and came back home.

We had a nice little "date night" at home eating our pizza and watching a movie. It was nice!
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