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I mentioned elsewhere that I have given thought to writing a "murder mystery" for a cruise ship. Interactive, that is.

But I HAVE had another idea that I think is great.

Far and away the majority of those taking cruises are baby boomers, or therabouts. Guilty here, anyway.

And we boomers remember some great bands from our mis-spent youth:

The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
The Byrds
Dave Clark Five
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Pink Floyd
The Beach Boys
Jan and Dean
The Kinks
The Turtles

I could go on and on.

Now, here's an interesting point. There are numerous "tribute bands" for each of these groups. That is, guys who look similar, sound much the same, etc.

So...a smart cruise line would contract a bunch of these bands. Put one band on a ship, and let them do two performances: One would be a "concert", and the other a dance.

Then, halfway through the cruise, at some port, the ship would swap their band with another ship in port, and you'd have two more performances from THAT band.

And yes, it's not unusual to have as many as five ships in a given port, and often 3 belong to the same company (Carnival Cruise Lines, which also owns Princess, Holland America, Costa, and a couple more).