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HBO series TrueBlood

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Is anyone else watching this?

I recorded the first two episodes so I wouldn't forget. Watched them both last night.

Now, I have to say that I am very picky about vampire fiction. The only two modern authors I have read that I didn't find completely unbelievable and cheesy are Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite. I spent way too much time reading vampire non-fiction, about the folklore and history of the vampire legend. Literally a couple of years reading nothing but non-fiction vampire books.

But I have to say, this series has potential. I love Alan Ball's work. Six Feet Under is still one of my favorite shows ever. I think as long as Sooky doesn't almost die at the end of every episode with the show starting with Bill saving her, it could be a keeper.
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if they're true to the book, she won't. but w/TV & movies, they don't always stick w/original plots & storylines.
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The idea of synthetic blood for a vampire citizenry is what attracted me to watch the series. It's a new twist to the vampire tales. I like it.
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I've read a few of the books, but don't get HBO.
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I have read all her books in the Southern Vampire series and have loved them. The HBO series if following the first book quite well. The vampires do save Sookie a couple of time, a hazard of hanging out with them, but she saves thier fangs quite a few times over the whole series as well. I like the HBO TrueBlood and am interested to see how true they are to the books. Right now they are doing it quite well. There is alot of drama, humor and sex in the series.
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I dont get the station. I miss Moonlight though (vampire series that CBS cancelled)
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I so want to watch this, but I do not have HBO. I will wait to get it on DVD like I did with Six Feet Under
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I thought the acting was horrible. Hubby did a survey last year and it was on the pilot of the show. They didn't change a thing. It has potential with different actors.
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