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SnowWhites Room (pics)

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I think there are five pics I must warn ya, the room is in RUFF shape!! it was the puppy room and misty and nanook really messed it up! I think dh is going to go out this weekend hopefully (if he stops being a butt head) and get some new panaling. Anywho, here is where snowwhite is staying. It is hooked up to our central air so it is super comfy in there. She seems to really be enjoying it! That is one of the few rooms in the house dh and I haven't restored! The rest of the house looks nice...promise I can't beleave i'm going to show you guys!

anyway here we go!

the left side of the room
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the right side of the room
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snowwhite looking around
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in bed with the babies
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and her being the sweetie that she is...hard to beleave she is a feral!! She has come such a long way!
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Snowwhite is such a pretty girl! And she has such adorable little kittens. It is hard to believe she was/is feral, she seems to trust you completely!

That room looks like it has a ton of potential!
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it will be a wonderful room once we get it done! it makes a great little sitting area, Moe and Neo loved to look out the windows so i think snowwhite will enjoy it! I think we might redo it as a cat room and put the big kitty condo in there and redo the panaling and get it carpeted.
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SnowWhite seems to be pleased with it, so there's nothing to worry about! She's quite the cutie.
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SnowWhite looks so happy! She must all the attention!
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SnowWhite is very lovely. I can't wait to see pictures of the babies as they grow

Thanks for sharing.

You and your hubby are angels for taking such good of all the ferals that come your way.
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what beautful cats
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They are all soo beautiful!!!
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The pics are great Adn Snowwhite is adorable!!!
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thank you
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That would make a perfect cat room! All those windows! But does that door go to the outside? If you use it, they'll probably get out, but you know that. lol.
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we can't use that door even if we wanted to it is supposed to go to outside but it is SOOOOOO hard to open and close! We just use the back door. So there is really no escaping the house form that room, you would have to get in the house, go through the livingroom, dininging room and kitchen, then some how sneak out the kitchen door into the laudry room and THEN sneak out another door to the outside my house is kitty escape proof for the most part.
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Beautiful pic's! You'd never know she is a feral!
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Snow white is a complete sweety!!

Wow, i love the windows!! Have fun sprucing the room up!

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Wow! Myste's gonna miss that room! Snowwhite is so adorable.... You go girl!!!!
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