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Siamese male wanted

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I am looking for a male seal point siamese kitten that will be a stud in my cattery.Looking in WV and PA only.Will offer a trade for a kitten back. reply to this email
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Do you have a website? Are you an established breeder who shows cats? Most breeders will not sell kittens to a novice breeder; espeically a male kitten that will be used for breeding. Only the best are bred. You need to research pedigrees, lines and see how they will blend with your lines.

A good quality breeding male will probably cost you at a minimum of $800 and if you are getting one from a top Siamese cattery, probably over $1000.

What lines are your cats out of now?
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From the usersname and email I'd guess this is her website
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I looked at the website and she has one kitten left on it. They have alot more queens then studs so I can see why they are looking for another stud.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
They have alot more queens then studs so I can see why they are looking for another stud.
Most breeders I know like 3 girls for 1 stud - or he won't be busy enough.
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I know that TCA is Traditional Cat Association but what is ACA? I thought it was American Cat Association, but cannot find it on the web.

Never mind - found it. One line saying that ACA is American Cat Association (older then CFA) but they (association) doesn't have a website or any other contact info.
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Yes I know how much a siamese can be.I have been lucky I guess I got most of my stock from trades with other breeders.
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Do you ever show your cats or just breed them? Most breeders will show and title their cats and improve the lines/type. That's where you will make more contact with breeders.

What lines are you using? If you've used other breeders in the past, why are you needing someone to sell you a male now?
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